National Plywood Industries Limited
National Plywood Industries Limited

National Plywood Industries Limited

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National plywood industries ltd. has been a brand name enveloping the plywood market for the past few years. The company deals in high-quality plywood and block board products. Durability, excellent packaging, and a perfect finish are the key aspects of National Plywood Industries Ltd. The plywood products of National Plywood are known for their lasting value, and if you take a look at the National plywood price list, you will realize how affordable the company's products are. Since, not all timber is of good quality, the company uses modern techniques to increase the strength and durability of the wood. Apart from quality production, National Plywood Industries also imparts a designer edge to their manufactured products by adding an artistic touch to them. The company relies on Hollong and Makai grades of timber for carving and chiseling the best products for their customers. The two major locations of the company are- National plywood outlet in Kolkata, and National plywood outlet in Bangalore. The company believes in the phrase, “build your style” and hence, you can get customized laminates for a more personalized experience.

National plywood products-

The company deals in a range of products like- solid colors laminate sheets, abstract art laminate sheets, national grain laminate, textured finish laminates, flush doors and block boards. The company deals with a wide array of products which include not only teak, wood and plywood products, but also with the manufacturing of windows, door frames, and glass panels, although plywood and block boards are their niche products.

Textured finished laminates have a superfine texture as the name suggests, and they can be used in offices as well as kitchens. Some of its varieties are compact laminates, decorative laminates, and fire retardant laminates, high gloss laminates, anti- bacterial laminates, door skin laminates, digital laminates, etc. These laminates are either acrylic, PVC or made from teak. The solid colour laminate sheets are absolutely eye appealing, and will lend an elegant touch to the interiors of your workspace or your household. These 1 mm premium laminates are designed keeping in mind that fanciness needs to blend with subtlety as well. The abstract art laminate sheets are also a great choice. Well, what you buy depends largely on the type of interior décor, your preference and the space that has to be furnished. National plywood industries, provides you with a plethora of options to choose from. Flush doors by National plywood industries, are another superiorly designed range of products. The company combines modern technology with the best manufacturing techniques, to provide the desired products to their customers. The products manufactured at National plywood go through several testing parameters and the observed values of these parameters are compared with the prescribed values. Hence, their products are absolutely reliable.

If it is interior decoration, furnishing a workspace, renovating and providing a new look to your home, or a particular portion of the house, all you need to do is choose the statement laminates manufactured by National Plywood Industries. You can easily find the contact details and the email id of the company on their website.

National Plywood Price List

National Plywood Products 

Price List 

National Waterproof Plywood 

Rs 95 /Square Feet 

Wooden Plywood

Rs 40 /Square Feet

Printed Wooden Plywood

Rs 40 /Square Feet

Dark Brown Wooden Plywood 

Rs 40 /Square Feet

MR Grade Plywood

Rs 60 /Square Feet

Natural Veneer Plywood

Rs 45 /Square Feet

Eucalyptus Veneer Plywood

Rs 50 /Square Feet


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