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Optus Laminates Pvt. Ltd is a part of Touch Laminates Pvt. Ltd. The company has emerged as a popular supplier of wooden and sunmica flooring laminates. The optus laminates are high pressure laminates available in a plethora of patterns, trends, shades and finishes. The wide range of innovative designs of laminates have carved a considerable niche for the company in interior decor industry.

Product Range

The optus catalogue of laminates include the following designs divided into various series

Optus Series:

  • These are 8'X4' optus laminate sheets with thickness of 1mm. Some of the the surface finishes are as follows.
  • Ashwood finish such as frosty white, lamigraf walnut, true wood and wild cherry.
  • Bliss finish such as brown chestnut, sap cedar 1 and 2 and ivory chestnut.
  • Corisca finish such as tubac wood, beige noir, pin noir and ziricate ecru
  • Castila wave finish such as exo teak and brentwood oak
  • Fabrica finish such as linen tusk, rustic lavender, linen charcoal and rustic pearl
  • High gloss finish such as apple wood, yellow, white, sonoma oak, santana oak, brown chestnut, vintage wood, teak veneer, teak barron, conifer wood, paperback maple, amazon walnut and frosty white.
  • Rose tan finish such as metallic blue, metallic white and linen charcoal
  • Sawcut wood finish such as auckland apple and spica oak

Ananta Series

  • Ananta series of laminate sheets by optus are also 8'X4' in size and 1mm in thickness. Some of the types of surface finishes are as follows.
  • Aura finish such as pure elm, amber flambe, golden walnut and snuff elm.
  • Bumbusa finish such as bog oak, red sea, oyster mesh and aubergine
  • Covete finish such as African blackwood, Peruvian walnut and Lalitpur grey
  • Earth finish such as sea white sand stone, sienna, portobello and Lalitpur grey sandstone
  • Horizontal silk oak finish such as olive sombre, hickory lumber and chestnut flambe.
  • Marina finish such as golden oak, black galaxy, egg white and African blackwood.
  • High gloss finish such as timber veneer, almond-oak, white sea granite Kashmir white and rococo bud.
  • Havana finish such as metallic chocolate, metallic caramel and linen viscose shades.
  • Pista finish such as suffolk mesh and stucco coral. 
  • In order to get an idea of the different shades of surface finishes, you can visit the official website of the company to access the optus catalogue.

Manufacturing Facility

The manufacturing plant for optus products is located at Prantij in Gujarat. Latest technological tools are used in the process to manufacture high quality laminates. Research and development team of optus plans and develops new methods to constantly improve the quality of the laminates.

Optus Laminates Prices List

Types of Optus Laminates  Price
Optus Green and Blue Paper Laminate Sheet Rs 2,000/Sheet
Mica Wood Paper Optus Laminates Rs 1,800/Shee
Wooden Optus Laminate Sheet Rs 1,150/Piece
1mm Optus Laminated Sheet Rs 900/Sheet

Apart from retail oulets, online stores also contribute significantly to optus sales. Various online stores provide complete optus laminates price list. The cost of a single sheet of optus laminate depends upon its size, material, finish and application. For example,  a 1mm thick sunmica laminate sheet for doors with a glossy surface finish can cost Rs 900. A mica wood paper optus laminate sheet with thickness of 1mm and suede surface finish can cost Rs 1800. Discounts are also available on optus online sales.

Head Office Address

The optus head office address is as follows.

Optus Laminates Pvt Ltd
B-903, Solitaire Corporate Park,
Near Divya Bhaskar,
S.G. Highway, Ahmedabad- 380006

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