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Oriental Veneer Products Ltd

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Oriental Veneer Products Ltd is a private limited company engaged in the production of wood-based resin impregnated densified laminated boards which are also known as Compreg boards. A number of other products are also manufactured by oriental veneer product limited. These include seat and berth products for railway coaches, shuttering plates, bonded blocks, sound insulation floor boards,  head stocks and end walls for railway and bus coaches, mobile toilet systems and mezzanine floors. The company also produces formaldehyde resins and synthetic thermosetting resins which are used in plywood and moulded goods industry. The company also deals in timber woods, ferrous and non-ferrous metals, section flates, casting tools, rods and slabs.

The various oriental goods are used in railways, automotive, industrial engineering and consumer industry.

About the company

The oriental veneer products company profile has been mentioned here.

Oriental Veneer Products Ltd. was established in the year 1991. The company is based in Mumbai. It is a major vendor of various products to the Indian Railways. The products manufactured by the company are RITES certified, the certfiying authority for quality of all products supplied to the Indian Railways. The company has a market share of more than 50% in seats and berths and densified thermal bonded block market.

The oriental veneer products ltd contact details are as follows.

Phone Number: 022-23835700, 707

Mobile: 9324674021

Product Range

The various oriental veneer products have been listed here.

High and medium density Compreg wood sheets and laminated wood sheets are manufactured by the company. The oriental compreg or laminated wood sheet has high-grade mechanical, electrical and physical properties. The thickness varies from 8mm to 100mm. The length can be up to 3.2 metres.  The oriental wood bases are available in a number of finishes such as rosewood finish, mandarin oriental, etc. The various oriental wood sheets and boards are colour coded.

Seats and berths for railway coaches of ACCN, SLRD, GS, ACCW, MEMU. MRVC and other varieties are manufactured by the company. Compreg sheets and thermal blocks are integrated to manufacture the seats and berths.

Bonded blocks are made of manmade fires. These blocks are resistant against fire and have good thermal properties. They are used in cushions, mattresses and seats for railways and automotive industry. The blocks come in 10mm to 100mm thick varieties with length going up to a maximum of 2 metres.

Sound insulation floor boards for use in floors of railway coaches. These are light weight in nature and provide high-grade sound insulation. The sound insulation floor boards meet the prescribed fire resistance and toxicity standards. They come in a maximum length of 3000m and width of 1220mm with standard thickness of 16mm.

Shuttering plate is an oriental plywood product. The high quality plywood is coated on both the sides with plastic. It exhibits excellent physical and and mechanical properties. The product has been designed for use in construction industry.

End wall for railway coaches, buses, trams, etc. These are high medium and low density oriental lumber in impregnated or unimpregnated forms. They come with plain, shaded and chequered surface finishes. Thickness varies between 3mm and 100mm with a maximum length of 3.2 metres.

Headstocks for supporting buffers in railway coaches. These are heavy pre-fabricated structures which are installed under the frames of railway coaches.

Mobile toilet for use in railway coaches. The toilet has a control discharge system in which the waste is stored in a tank closed by a side valve. The side valve opens automatically whenever the train starts running at speeds above 30 km/hr.

High quality commerical grade synthetic thermosetting resin and phenol formaldehyde resin for plywood and moulding industry. The resins are produced using cresol and melamine.

Office Addresses

The address for oriental veneer products ltd mumbai is as follows.

19, Jaferbhoy Industrial Estate 1st Floor,

Makwana Road Marol Naka, Andheri East

Mumbai- 400 059.

The address for oriental veneer products ltd thane is as follows

Village Aghai, Via Kalyan Railway Station,

Thane- 421601. 

Oriental Veneer Products Ltd serves in following cities.



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