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It has been observed that cases of burglaries, house-break-ins and other crimes are increasing, day by day across India. This is a matter of great concern for all of us, as no one feels safe and secured.

Since, these crimes are committed at such a regular intervals that people have come to accept this as a way of life. As a result, thefts, burglaries, murders and house-break-ins are increasing at an alarming proportion so much so that not a single day passes when these crimes are not reported on TV, newspapers or social media. As things stand to-day, it is very unlikely that we can tackle this menace, unless we take upon ourselves, the safety and security of our homes. Bearing in mind, “Prevention is better than cure”. Merely, passing the bucks will not be of much help, and it will be naïve to expect that others should guard our houses.

More often than not, these criminals target the vulnerable people, such as senior citizens old-aged couples, women and children, and enter the house, either through doors or windows, as most of them are wooden doors. Therefore, it is high time to switch over to Pelicano International Classic Steel Security doors and give your homes, a World class Safety, Security and Looks.

Not only that, these doors are environment-friendly, but also safe and maintenance free. We wish to spread the awareness about the danger to Environment through human activities such as, deforestation thereby, causing considerable damage to the Environment.

Through these doors, we intend to kill, “Two birds with one stone”. On the one hand, save trees, (Environment) on the other hand, make your house, safe and secured, of course, this is possible, only when you become part of this noble cause.


  • To become Customer’s number one choice.
  • To provide high-quality services.
  • To work with diligence.
  • To secure your homes, offices, shops and other business establishments.

Pelicano International Decor Pvt Ltd serves in following cities.

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