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Photon Energy Systems Limited

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Photon Energy Systems manufactures a range of solar energy products such as solar modules, solar water heating systems, solar rooftop power plants, solar megawatt power plants and solar water pumps. Established in 1995, photon solar energy systems started manufacturing in 1997-98. The company has three manufacturing units for producing various solar products. The quality management system of the company has ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 140001:2004 certification.

Solar Modules

The photon solar module manufacturing unit is located in Hyderabad. The state-of-the-art facility is capable of producing solar modules amounting to 50Mwp in a year.

The photon energy systems limited solar modules are available in both monocrystalline as well as polycrystalline forms. Monocrystalline modules are grouped under PMM series while polycrystalline modules are grouped under PM series. Best materials are used to manufacture the solar cells, backsheet, EVA and other components of solar panels. The company uses lamination technology to enhance the life of the solar cells. The solar modules by photon also exhibit high efficiency in converting solar energy to current.

The solar modules are designed to prevent potential induced degradation. The modules are also subjected to electroluminescence test.

The high quality of the photon solar power modules is attested by IEC 61215 and IEC 61730 certification.

Solar Power Plants

Rooftoop solar power as well as megawatt solar power plants are also designed and installed by photon solar system.

Solar power plants are installed by the company on rooftops of domestic as well as commercial buildings. The solar modules are connected to the power system of the building without any changes in wiring. Rooftop solar systems reduce energy bills of the properties and is a good investment.

Megawatt solar power plants are also established by the photon. The total capacity of the megawatt solar plants installed and managed by the company so far amounts to 125Mwp. The company has the distinction of installing India’s first 3Mwp solar power plant. The photon solar company offers crystalline, thin film and CdTe solar module power plants. The associated components installed by the company to generate solar power such as inverters, switchgear, cables, etc. are of reputed brands such as Toshiba, Eltek, Satcon, Crompton Greaves, Areva, Siemens, Havells, Leoni, Polycab, etc.

Regular maintenance is done by the technicians and engineers to ensure that the modules always generate the highest power with excellent efficiency at all times.

Solar Smart Systems

Photon offers solar smart systems such as string combiner boxes, string junction boxes and scadaboxes. The advanced analytics of the smart systems send alerts via SMS or email or cloud in case of temperature defects, low power generation and fire risks. The boxes have tooth bus-bar design which reduces cabling. The boxes are enclosed in covers with IP66 weather proof rating. The smart systems have IEC 61439 and IEC62208 certification.

Solar Heating Systems

The Thermal Division of Photon manufactures solar heating systems. The solar heating solutions by Photon includes industrial heating systems, evacuated glass tube solar heating systems and flat plate collector solar heating systems. 

Solar Energy Systems Price List

Photon Solar Energy Type Price
Waree Solar Energy System Rs 42,000/Kilowatt
Roof Top Solar Plant On School, Voltage: 110 V Rs 60,000/Kilowatt
Solar Renewable Energy System Rs 60/Watt
Luminous 3 kW Off Grid Solar System Rs 2.7 Lakh/Unit
Commercial Solar Power Plant, Voltage: 220 V Rs 50,000/Kilowatt
Solar Power Systems Rs 50,000/Onwards
Rooftop Solar System, Operating Voltage: 24 V Rs 75,000/Kilowatt

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