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At the present time, you always want to make your home more elegant and modern by adding the best in class features to it. In modern homes, modular kitchens are getting popular and it is definitely one of the best ways to make your cooking area perfect according to the modern interiors of your home. the kitchen is not only a place where you will cook the food for your family but it is definitely one of the essential parts of interiors so you should definitely focus to add the best in class features to your modular kitchen.

If you are also planning to design a modular kitchen at your home, you can definitely make choice for Prestige modular kitchen. Prestige is one of the leading brands in the market where they present a complete range of appliances and fixtures to add to your modular kitchen. Now, you can definitely pick the best design of chimney for your kitchen with the Prestige brand. In the market, several kinds of chimney models are available with this reputed brand so every customer can definitely pick the best one according to the needs and requirements. Here are some of the best reasons to prefer Prestige chimney for your modern kitchen:

Excellent quality tempered glass for heat resistance

In any kind of chimney, you always look for the best in class build quality because there is always a big risk of damage to the material because of the heat. Now, we don’t need to worry about any kind of effects of heat on the material of the prestige chimney. It is made by using the highest quality tempered Glass that is available with the heat resistant features. This high-quality glass is used at the front panel as well as canopy so it will not only enhance the de design of the chimney in a beautiful way with its mirror finish but will also offer the durability for a long time without any kind of damages.

Powerful suction capacity

While making choice for any kind of chimney for your modular kitchen, you always look for the best in class suction power and capacity in it. With Prestige, you don’t need to worry about the powerful suction capacity because it is available with 1000M3/HR suction power and you will be able to get options to select 3-speed that is very effective for the elimination of odour and smoke from the kitchen. It is all possible because of the powerful 200 Watts motor used in it that is very economical during the operations.

Noise free operation with maximum airflow

Prestige chimney for your modern kitchen is known to made with innovative technology where baffle filters are used in it. With the use of these filters, it provides very noise free operation in your kitchen and you don’t have to face any kind of trouble like clogging for any problem in air flow due to use of these filters. You will definitely find it very easy to clean so it will be the perfect option for your modern kitchen.

Digital display for better controls

If you also make choice for Prestige chimney for your kitchen, you will definitely find a digital display in it where you can easily control the operations with its touch controls. You can use a multi-screen function where you will get the best results with slow speed, medium speed and high-speed functionality according to the cooking type and your requirements to control the smoke and odour in your kitchen.

Options of several models

As you know, everyone has different needs and budget to find out the right chimney for the kitchen. Now, you will definitely find the best in class solution because of the availability of several models of the products with Prestige. They understand the requirements of the customers and they have launched several kitchen chimney products in the market that you can pick according to your requirements. Make sure to compare all the features, design and functionality of all these models to pick the best one.

Assurance of quality

With Prestige, you never need to worry about any kind of quality issues because they use the superior quality materials to provide the highest build quality to every customer. Once you make choice for these excellent quality modular kitchen products, it will be used for a long time with minimum maintenance and repair requirements. In the market, Prestige products are known for its longer life so you can definitely go for it.

If you also want to make choice for Prestige chimney in Bangalore, it will be easier to use online services for it. With online services, you can get the complete service package where you can hire the professionals for the installation of prestige chimney in your modular kitchen at the home.

Prestige Modular Kitchen Chimney Price List

Prestige Kitchen Chimney Products Price
Prestige Chimney Hood Rs 7,500/ Piece
Prestige Kitchen Chimney Rs 8,000/ Piece
Prestige Kitchen Hood 900 SB Rs 24,995/ Piece
Prestige Electric Chimney Rs 12,995/ Piece
Chimney Prestige Hydro Rs 29,990/ Piece
Prestige Contemporary Black Chimney Rs 9,000/ Piece
Prestige AKH 900 CB Chimney Rs 13,995/ Piece

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Kitchen Hood AKH 600 CB (B Series) by Prestige
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Kitchen Hood AKH 600 CB Plus (Turbo Series) by Prestige

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Kitchen Hood AKH 900 CB Plus (Turbo Series) by Prestige

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