Rivashaa Eco Design Solutions Private Limited
Rivashaa Eco Design Solutions Private Limited

Rivashaa Eco Design Solutions Private Limited

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Rivashaa Eco DesignSolutions is a professional organisation which intends to address the global agenda of reducing carbon emissions and restore the natural beauty and bliss of the pale blue dot of our Solar System. And this, we intend to achieve not just through innovations and affordable solutions, but through the collective experience and passion of its team members - Out of the two founding members, one is a very experienced doctor-cum-entrepreneur and the other is a successful and energetic entrepreneur from the pharmaceutical business. The mentors and the guiding forces include a very experienced doctor, wise, strategic and innovative technical directors designing and offering the solutions for lightweight versatile applications of Expanded Clay Aggregate (ECA), an astute advocate specializing in Intellectual Property Rights and a product designers.

For the 1st time in INDIA, Rivashaa Eco Design Solutions introduces a MAKE IN INDIA Expanded Clay Aggregate (ECA). Expanded Clay Aggregate come in sizes of 0-30 mm with density of 260-700 kg/m3 ( replacement of fine and coarse aggregate ) and is 100% inert, high quality, durable lightweight aggregate that has been used over more than half a century in the world. The main characteristics of Expanded Clay is low density combined with high strength. 

ECA is described as  "All In One" product due to more characteristics and it provides a huge range of properties vital for sustainable construction.  The innovative Expanded Clay Aggregate (ECA) is the ultimate eco-friendly product for versatile applications and is accredited by LEED, USGBC as a Green Alternative. 

The possibility of creating lighter structures such as beams, piles and floors, cast on site or prefabricated, is feasible by replacing the larger parts of the traditional “natural” aggregate (gravel or stones) with an “artificial” aggregate, made up of expanded clay (Size 0-30 mm). No other, natural or artificial, lightweight inert material such as polystyrene, volcanic rocks, pumice or other are admitted.

The closed structure of the aggregate is obtained by integrating the fine part of the material with traditional aggregate and particularly with natural sand. Furthermore, by changing the density of expanded clay and the replacement percentage of the ordinary aggregate, it is possible to obtain concrete with variable densities between the limits indicated, with strength levels starting from 15 N/mm2 up to 70 N/mm2.

Expanded Clay Aggregate (ECA), is possibly the only sustainable construction material that does not need spending a fortune for making our fragile world sustainable. To sum it up, Expanded Clay Aggregate (ECA) is a natural element which has been invented to protect and nurture our beautiful cities, countries and planet Earth without costing an Earth.

Lightweight versatile applications of Expanded Clay Aggregate are Lightweight High Strength Structural Concrete, Designer Concrete applications, Acoustic Panels, Cladding Stones, Cladding Panels, Coatings, Paints, Precast and Prefab Industries, Thermal and Sound Insulation Concrete and Mortars, Landscaping, Agriculture, Horticulture, Construction Blocks and Tiles, Plastering, PCC, Waste Water treatment, Petrochemicals Oil and Gas Bedding Insulations, Geotechnical applications including lightweight backfill, Sunken Fill and Road/ Embankment Construction.

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