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Solar energy is being widely used all over the world as a suitable alternative to non-renewable sources of energy. Seraphim is a company founded in China which is engaged in the development and production of solar modules for converting converting solar energy into electrical energy. The company has an innovative research and development team constantly developing newer solar technologies for domestic, commercial and industrial applications. It is evident by more than 100 patents in solar technology in the company's kitty.

Solar Cells

The solar cells are manufactured in both mono and polycrystalline forms. The seraphim solar cells are characterised by low reflectivity, large light receiving area and high nucleation density. The solar cells are coated with anti-reflective coating made of silicon-nitride which allows more sunlight collection. Hot spot prevention and lower-light induced degradation features enable the solar cell to provide high energy yield. The solar cells are the basic units of seraphim solar panels.

Solar Odules

Seraphim solar modules or seraphim panels are available in various series.

Standard Series -

Standard series panels are made of low iron tempered glass with AR coating. The panels exhibit high light transmittance for good power output. Gel is present to cushion the cells against vibration. The panel is enclosed in a box with IP67 protection rating.

1500V Series

1500 series modules are suitable for high voltage systems up to 1500V. These panels come with high-insulation backsheets and 1500V junction box. 1500V series modules have received TUV and CSA certifications.

Eclipse Series

Eclipse series of solar panels produce 15% more power. These panels don't require much assistant components also known as balance of system or BOS. Thus, installation cost is low. The hot spot effect on these panels is very low. The panels are  highly durable.

Bifacial Series

Bifacial series of solar panels use both front and rear sides of the solar cells to collect solar energy. Power generated is up to 25% more as compared to other modules. Dual-glass construction resists micro-cracks and UV damage. The panels can resist snow load up to 5400 Pa and wind load up to 2400 Pa.

Seraphim MX 

Seraphim MX series of solar panels use cell-string level optimiser to optimise power output. High energy production and elimination of hot spots are the principal features of the panels.


The seraphim solar systems are widely used in domestic households to get clean and efficient energy at affordable rates. The solar systems are also used in commercial projects to provide electricity to villages and towns.

Seraphim Solar Panels Price List

Types of Seraphim Price
180W solar panel Seraphim monocrystalline  Rs. 18855.36
185W solar panel Seraphim monocrystalline Rs. 19414.36
190W solar panel Seraphim monocrystalline  Rs. 19903.17
230W module Seraphim polycrystalline Rs. 24075.90
235W module Seraphim polycrystalline Rs. 24634.11
275W module Seraphim polycrystalline Rs. 28821.21
290W module Seraphim polycrystalline Rs. 30356.48

The serpahim solar panels price depend upon the model, type of solar cells used, size and efficiency of the panel. For example, serpahim 250w solar panels made of polycrystalline solar cells with a space requirement of 18 square feet can cost Rs 10,500. Performance warranty is 25 years.


Seraphim has received ISO 9001:2008 certification for quality management, OHSAS 18001:2007 certification for Occupational Health and Safety Management System and 1SO 14001:2004 certification for environment management system. Thus, it is no wonder that seraphim solar panels reviews by customers produce an average rating of 4.9 out of 5. 

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