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Shree Nath Global commenced operations in 2003 in the field of high pressure laminated (HPL) sheets and compact pressure laminated (CPL) sheets with manufacturing, marketing, distribution, wholesales and direct-sale-to-consumer with the sole philosophy to provide our products at industrial price worldwide.

We offer a wide and varied range of HPL and CPL sheets in innovative, modern and contemporary designs and patterns, including 3d patterns and posters, with a concept of combining beauty with immunity. Our HPL and CPL sheets are durable, non-corrosive, fire retardant, and highly stable to harsh weather conditions (heat, dust, water). The surface of our sheets is impervious to moisture, impact resistant and therefore, does not allow scratching, chipping, and cracking. The mat-finish of the surface with acrylic polyurethane resins, keeps the dust and germs away. When used on the walls, particularly exterior, the surface does not permit permanent graffiti.

With the confidence of the state-of-art manufacturing capabilities with stringent in-process quality assurance, in-process quality control, and final quality control, our products are sold under warranty of 5-30 years under proper method and site of application & weather conditions.

With the imaginative and innovative approach of your architects and decorators, you will find infinite applications of our HPL and CPL sheets for the interiors or exteriors of your structures for cladding or covering or shielding of the walls, facades, gates, doors, partitions, ceilings, balcony, railings, and fences.

Our HPL and CPL sheets are most suitable for bungalows, multi-storey buildings, hotels, restaurants, hospitals, offices, factories, schools, colleges, research centres, business centres, and any other imaginable place.

Our products are developed using cutting-edge technology in the state-of-art manufacturing facilities using virgin pulp craft paper, imported design paper, pure phenolic resins and UV layer to ensure sun-protection of exterior grade HPL sheets. Our manufacturing facilities are equipped with modern machines, enjoy 24x7 supply of electricity and water and have excellent road, rail and air connectivity. Each facility has separate manufacturing, packaging, storage, and quality monitoring areas.

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