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Sky Decor was established in 2015. The company is the first manufacturer of PVC laminates in India. Within three years, sky decor has become a big brand name in PVC laminate market. The laminates manufactured by the company come in a plethora of colours, textures and patterns. They are designed for various areas such as hospitals, schools, offices, homes, public properties, etc.

Types of laminates manufactured

A wide range of skydecor laminates are available in the market. These include compact, unicore, metallic, fire retardant, post forming and industrial digital laminates. The laminates come in a multitude of patterns, colours and textures. The laminates range in size from 1mm to 4mm. PVC laminates are considered best for modular kitchen cabinets.

Features of the laminates

Sky decor laminates exhibit the following superior features. 

  • Bendable laminates can bend up to 90 degrees which makes them suitable for covering edges. 
  • The PVC laminates show excellent resistance against moisture. 
  • The PVC laminates are fire retardant. 
  • The PVC laminates are resistant against borers and termites due to special chemicals used in their construction.

Benefits of PVC

  • PVC laminates are being widely used for home and commercial applications due to the following reasons. 
  • PVC can be cut and shaped to a plethora of styles. Light weight of PVC makes it very easy to handle. 
  • PVC is light in weight but has an excellent mechanical strength and is resistant against abrasion. 
  • PVC is a good outdoor material because it withstands weather elements, corrosion and rotting. 
  • PVC is non-toxic in nature and is compliant with all the international standards for health and safety. Thus, it is safe for both humans and animals. 
  • PVC is a good insulator. 
  • PVC is a cost effective material. It provides superior performance at affordable rates. 
  • PVC has a long life span and is very easy to maintain.

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