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As you know, the plywood is definitely one of the useful wooden materials and it is used worldwide because of its excellent features and benefits. If you are going to add new furniture items to your home or you want to renovate your home with beautiful interiors, you can definitely use the excellent quality plywood products available in the market. It is also used at a large scale for your home doors, window frames, cabinets and other wooden fixtures at a large scale.

If you are looking for the best in class quality and excellent designs of the plywood products to add to your home or office interiors or furniture items, you can definitely get these products from Sonear Industries Ltd. from all the manufacturers, you should go for the best one because only a few of the companies are able to deliver the desired quality and durability in the plywood products to the customers. There are many good reasons to prefer plywood products with Sonear industries and you will definitely avail the following benefits by getting their services and products:

Superior designs of laminates

You may be looking for some of the most beautiful and elegant designs of laminates with superior quality in it. Now, you can definitely enhance the elegance and beauty of your home interiors and furniture items with the use of the best in class designs of the laminates with these reputed manufacturers in the country. They are able to offer a complete range of several designs, textures, patterns and colours in these laminate products so you can definitely pick the right one as per your interior theme and requirements.

Flexible plywood for your furniture

If you are looking for the perfect way to add the strength and beauty to your home wooden fixtures for furniture items, you can definitely go for flexible plywood with these manufacturers. Sonear Plywood Company is known to provide flexible plywood solutions in different shades and textures as per your requirements. It will be the perfect solution to add the new design to your home furniture, office furniture, cabinets, cupboards and wardrobes. You will definitely get the best solution for is installation because of the flexibility and easy to get any kind of shape with it.

Highly durable plywood products

If you are ready to go for the option of superior quality plywood for your home or office doors, window frames, furniture items, wardrobes or cabinets, you will be able to get highly durable plywood with this company. There are different kinds of plywood options available and these products are made by using several different wood veneer materials so you can definitely trust at their quality. With the use of sonear veneer sheets, you can definitely enhance the quality of your furniture items and you can pick the large-sized plywood sheets to use as per your requirements.

Excellent price deals for the customers

Price is definitely one of the important considerations for every customer while looking to get any kind of wooden material to use for furniture or home interior pictures. Now, you don’t have to worry about your budget because these plywood products are available at very competitive prices in the market. You can get the desired one in your budget and can find out the cost-effective way to add the beautiful furniture to your home.

If you are ready to get these plywoods and laminates for your home interiors of furniture items, you can check out Sonear plywood rate list online and can get the best in class deals by that in free quotes online for these wooden materials.

Sonear Lamainates Price List


Types of Sonear Laminates Price
Wood Sonear Laminates Sheets Rs 1,150/Piece
Sonear designer laminate sheet, 0.8 mm and 1 mm  Rs 550/Sheet
Sonear Wood Laminate, 2.0-25 Rs 970/Sheet


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1 Reviews

Saurabh Mishra

July 19, 2017

Unmatched quality products and services by Sonear Industries Ltd. The company suggested us different laminates catalogue and plywoods for home interior and exterior that too at good price list. Thanks for your support and services. Great work done.

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