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An ISO 9001& 14001 company star laminates are fully dedicated to manufacturing top–quality products at a relatively reasonable price. It is a very reputed industry for a long time. They offer classy products at a very reasonable price. Rather they produce such things that can be achieved by the common man. The Haryana-based company mainly focuses on bringing products that are required in the daily life of the people. All the products that are produced by them are quite necessary.

Product Range

It would really be interesting to know about the products that are manufactured by them. In the following para, we will gain some good information about their products.

The company manufactures a wide variety of designer door skins. Most of the door skins are of metallic texture. Each one of them is quite different from the other. The designs are simply beautiful and they cannot be expressed in words.

  • It must be known to all that compact laminate sheets are mainly used for indoor decorations. All these are manufactured by them. They are made available to the respective clients at a very reasonable price.
  • The company is a very well-known plywood supplier. Star Plywood is mainly used for decorating both outdoor and indoor furniture's. Most of the furniture that is used by plywood is quite durable. They cost comparatively less than the normal woods.
  • Laminate is mainly made from Kraft paper. Thus the company uses high-quality paper for producing this type of product.
  • Quality type of linear laminates is produced by the company with special care. In fact, the star floor reviews are quite good and interesting.

Supply Chain and Infrastructure

Located about 180 km from Delhi Star India Laminates Pvt Ltd. is well equipped with all the modern facilities and amenities. To be very specific high- quality equipment and devices are introduced for the production of different type of laminate products. The people who work here undergo a good training session before being recruited.

The plant where all the products are made has good manpower. Due to the production of high-quality materials the company is supplying its products to other countries of the world. Good unity is maintained between the workers and employees. People are really happy working with this company.

Brand Value

The company has gained a good reputation in a very short while. It has also received various recognitions from significant authorities. This is also a matter of great pride for the company and its employees. It has also recruited a good number of people for carrying out the work successfully.

The company mainly stresses to produce products as per the demand and wish of the client. This is their special feature. Their high-quality product has become equal to the international standard. So many foreign companies have also become good clients.

They have created a good path for increasing the interior and exterior of a building's beauty to a great extent.

Our Products

Star Laminates serves in following cities.

Agartala Agethi Ahmedabad Aizawl Allahabad Amini Amli Androth Island Aurangabad Maharashtra Bangalore Bhopal Bhubaneswar Bombuflat Chandigarh Chennai Coimbatore Coimbatore city Cuttack Dadra Daman Dehradun Delhi Diu Faridabad Gangtok Garacharma Ghaziabad Goa Greater Noida Guntur Show more


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