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Sundek is a leading manufacturer of decorative high-pressure laminates. The wide range of sundek laminates come in over 600 designs suited for various decor applications. The sundek laminates are manufactured in the company’s production facility located in Rajpur village which is 45 kilometres from Ahmedabad. The laminates are manufactured using latest machines and best quality raw materials. The research and development laboratory of the company consistently comes up with new innovations in terms of designs and quality.

Types of laminates manufactured

The complete sundek laminates catalogue is present on the official website of the company. The types of laminates offered under the brand name of Sundek are as follows.

Standard- Standard laminate sheets are either 0.8mm or 1mm thick.

0.8mm laminates come in various finishes such as teak rosee, white walnut, vintage teak, natalia brown, mahogany rhodes, peruvian teak, walnut kashmir, ebony, gunstock walnut, acacia brown, mysore teak and many more.

1mm standard laminate sheets come in a plethora of finishes such as fern black, carpathian walnut, cocoa grain, sacred oak, mexican amber, veneto olive, terra oak, siberian larch, black pearl, wiccan walnut, etc.

Digital laminates- Digital laminates feature realistic surface finish which brings the design to life and imparts an eye-catching appearance to the surface. Digital laminates have been divided into following categories based on their design elements.   


Exterio facade- These are exterior grade laminates capable of withstanding weather elements and UV rays. They are available in a multitude of surface finish such as moscan walnut, ural larch, ceylon walnut, arcane walnut, lebork maple, etc.

The sundek laminates are long lasting in nature and retain their original colour and design even after many years. This is due to the anti ageing formula used to manufacture the laminates. New designs and textures are continuously introduced by the company in the laminate market. The quality of the laminates always adhere to national and international standards.

Sundek Laminates Price List

Sundek Laminates Price
Showfine Sundeck Laminates, 0.62 mm - 1 mm Rs 380/ Piece
Sundek Laminate Sheets, Thickness: 1 mm Rs 1,100/ Sheet
Wooden Sundek Laminates Sheet, Thickness: 0.92 and 1 mm Rs 18/ Square Feet
Off White Sundek Laminates Sheet, Size: 8 x 4 square feet Rs 850/ Sheet
0.8 and 1.0 mm , Sundek Laminated Sheet Rs 700/ Sheet

The price of a sundek laminate sheet depends upon its type, dimensions and surface finish. For example, a sundek laminate sheet of 6ft x 4ft with thickness of 1mm and ebony oak finish can cost Rs 1100. The prices are listed on a per sheet basis.

The sundek laminates price list on various online stores should be compared to get the best price.

Dealer network

The network of sundek mica dealers cover entire India. So there is no problem in getting access to sundek laminates anywhere in the country. For example, there are many dealers of sundek laminates bangalore and sundek laminates chennai. One can easily get information about a top sundek laminates dealer in any city by searching the internet.

Important Address

The address of sundek india ltd ahmedabad gujarat is as follows.

204, Lalita Complex,

Rasala Marg, Navrangpura, Ahmedabad - 380 009 , Gujarat , INDIA.

The address of sundek india ltd mehsana gujarat is as follows

1421, Rajpur ,Kalol Mehsana Highway,Tal.; ,Dist. Mehsana 382740 (n.g.), Kadi, Gujarat, India 

Our Products

Sundek serves in following cities.

Delhi Faridabad Ghaziabad Greater Noida Gurgaon Noida


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