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Established in the year 2008 Suntek is a pioneer in manufacturing various types of solar products. Each and every type of products produced by them is of top quality. They strongly believe in customer satisfaction and this enables them to dedicatedly manufacture various types of products. Right from the purchase of the product to its installation and its maintenance totally depends upon them. High- quality materials are mainly involved in its production.

Product Range

It would really be amazing to gain some knowledge about the products that are produced by Suntek solar.

  • Suntek energy systems Pvt. Ltd produces rooftop solar panels that are really innovative in nature. The battery life of the solar panel is of very good quality. They are so good that they can function effectively even during night time. The solar panel has a good battery life that helps them to function.
  • Suntek solar water heater is a very wonderful device that keeps the water for a long duration. The parts present within the heater are of top-quality.

In fact, suntek water heater costs very less compared to other heaters available in the market.

  • The garden lamps that are installed within the solar garden really look amazing. They create a very bright light wherever installed. The lights also consume less electricity and hence run for a long time.
  • Even most of the domestic houses have started using solar pumps for better performance.

Energy storage system

The company uses some modern techniques and methods for storing energy. Most of the devices that are used are of very high-quality. Apart from this, there are senior scientists that are indulged in various types of research work and inventing new methods of storing energy. Suntek solar panels are really a great invention in the modern world.

Supply Chain

With the production of high-quality products Suntek energy systems are really expanding throughout the country. There are many countries that are continuously receiving various products of this company. Even many states within the country have also started order the products of this company.

Brand Value

Since a long time, Suntek energy has honestly producing wide variety of products and that too at a very nominal price. Most of the employees of the company are well trained. So during this period they undergo good lessons on the production of solar products and handling it properly.

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