Tata Power Solar Systems Ltd.
Tata Power Solar Systems Ltd.

Tata Power Solar Systems Ltd.

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With a heritage that goes back over one hundred years, Tata Power Solar, formerly known as Tata BP Solar, has been operating for 29 years and is the largest integrated solar company in India. The vision that drives it is simple – to enable solar everywhere by harnessing the power of the sun. To this end, Tata Power Solar works in three separate sectors – solar module manufacture, creation of innovative solar products and EPC services for solar power projects.

With around 700 employees, the company has brightened 37 million lives and reduced the carbon footprint by 10 million tonnes. It has also won many awards including The International Safety Award 2017 from the British Safety Council London, the India Solar Week Excellence 2017 Award and the 2017 IMC Ramakrishna Bajaj National Quality Award.

Tata Solar Panel

Tata Solar panels are manufactured in India based on a leading edge module production. They have a positive power tolerance of up to 5W which allows them to generate larger amounts of energy. Reliable even in extreme weather conditions, the panels have been certified as being able to withstand loads of snow as high as 5400 Pa. They come with a warranty of 25 years granting peace of mind to the company’s customers and are certified as TUV and UL Potential Induced Degradation free modules. Both monocrystalline and polycrystalline panels are available in a wide range, from 10w to 300w.

Tata Solar Panel Price List

Types of Tata Solar Panel Price
Tata Solar Panels Rs 45/ Watt
150W Tata Solar Panel Rs 8,550/ Piece
Tata 260 W Solar Panel Rs 33/ Watt
Tata Power Solar Panel Rs 47/ Watt
Tata Off Grid Solar Panel Rs 50/ Watt
Tata Solar Gold Panel 250 watt Rs 14,500/ Piece
50 Watt Tata Solar Panel Rs 4,450/ Piece

The prices are all negotiable and if the panels are ordered in bulk, special discounts apply. Dealers and resellers are quoted the wholesale price.

Tata Solar Water Heater

Tata Solar water heaters are durable and the tanks are free of leakage. They are also the best in the industry when it comes to hard water tolerance. The transmitivity flat plate collector is made of copper that is 99.9 percent pure and comes with a built-in breather device that is also anti-fogging. The copper fins and raiser tubes are welded using ultrasonic lazer. The glass is textured and toughened by high-transmissivity low iron.

The tank is made of 5mm polymer which is non-corrosive that ensures that its services will last for years. The temperature drop overnight is less than 3 degree Celsius and the tank provides hot water up to a temperature of 80 degree Celsius every day. The copper flat plate is more efficient than an aluminium plate by 10% and the savings can add up to Rs. 18000 a year. The water heater comes with PUF insulation and protection from ultraviolet rays. It is corrosion resistant and MNRE approved with a 5 year warranty.

Tata Solar Water Heater Price List

The heaters are available in various ranges from 200L to 1000L and come with pressurized and heat exchanger systems. Below is the price list for the Tata Solar Water Heaters.

Standard System Price

Model (Ltr)


Tata Solar 200L 2CP Water Heater


Tata Solar 300L 3CP Water Heater


Tata Solar 500L 4CP Water Heater


Tata Solar 500L 5CP Water Heater



Heat Exchanger Systems Price

Model (Ltr)

Selling Price

Tata Solar Tata Solar HE 200L 2CP Heat Exchanger


Tata Solar HE 300L 3CP Heat Exchanger


Tata Solar HE 500L 4CP Heat Exchanger


Tata Solar HE 500L 5CP Heat Exchanger


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