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Vikram Solar Pvt. Ltd is a well-known name in the world of solar energy solutions. Today, this company is globally recognized and trusted. The company has spread its wings with their quality products in all the 5 continents. It specializes in the high-efficiency PV module manufacturing and in addition to that, the company also offers comprehensive EPC solutions.

Leading the solar solution industry through innovation, Vikram solar pvt ltd is considered as one of the leading clean-tech solution providers across the world. In the developing country like India, where the demand for energy is more, Vikram India limited is the name people trust for their solutions and products. Since 2006, the company is offering high-quality products with the help of their extensive manufacturing experience.

The company is strongly built on a success story of over 4 decades. Major cities like Kolkata, Falta, Delhi and Pune has latest manufacturing facilities of this company. The leading company offer products that are designed for the highest standards of quality, performance and reliability. It offers sustainable solutions due to which the company’s turnover is huge making it more reliable.

Due to its quality products, dealership and the solar products are also in great demand. This company has the latest machinery in their manufacturing facility. All the equipments are imported from countries like Germany, United States, Japan, and Switzerland.

Vikarm Solar Panels

As switching away from the fossil fuels is a long-term commitment,  Vikram solar panels are in great demand.  This is an experienced and reliable company with a good track record. The company has played an important role in the uptake of clean and smart energy solutions.

Currently, this company has an annual PV Module production capacity of more than 1 GW. With the help of its state-of-the-art facility, in 2015, this company completed India’s first floating solar power plant.  After this success, it is awarded as the Fastest Growing Company.

Vikram solar panel prices  are affordable,. and  its share price is skyrocketing. Hence, the company has considered selling some of its shares to private equity firms. The share price is reasonable to the general public and thus, funds are raised for expansion of the company to quadruple its capacity of production to 2000MW

Vikram Solar Panel Specifications

Here are some of the major features of the Vikram Solar Panels:

  • Positive power output tolerance is +2.5 Wp.
  • PID Resistant modules.
  • Linear Power Output Warranty up to 27 years.

Vikram Solar Panel Price List 

Types of Vikram Solar Panel Price
Vikram Solar Power Panel Rs 24/ Watt
Vikram Solar Panels 100 W Rs 30/ Watt
Vikram Solar Panel 320-330 Wp Rs 23/ Watt
325 Watt Vikram Solar Panels Rs 8,100/ Number
Vikram Solar Panels Rs 21.5/ Watt
310 Watt Vikram Solar Panel Rs 12,270/ Piece
Vikram Solar PV Module Rs 26/ Watt


Here is the solar panel price list for some of the popular products:

To know more about the company or products, contact details are given below:The company’s solar panel datasheet offers all the necessary information related to the products. For best price, check the solar panel price list directly. Before taking any decision, read the company’s reviews. All the reviews on the reliable websites are positive owing to its high quality of products and services which makes it easy to make sound decision.

Vikram solar contact number and E-mail are given in sidebar.

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