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Viva ACP Sheet

Viva Composite Panel Pvt. Ltd., a pioneer in the field of aluminum composite panels, has advanced significantly since its founding in 2003. To produce viva aluminum composite panel manufacturers use cutting-edge Korean equipment with cutting-edge technology to produce superior quality viva ACP sheet.

Modern machinery and cutting-edge technology are available at our state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities. This allows them to produce cutting-edge  viva ACP panel and satisfy consumers nationwide.

They use cutting-edge Korean equipment and a knowledgeable and motivated crew to complete our whole ACP sheet viva manufacturing process efficiently. Along with that, their facility has all the necessary safety elements, as well as a solar power generator that produces 850 kWh of electricity and ensures efficient manufacture of viva HPL sheet. The viva HPL sheet price is also quite affordable as compared to other products. Additionally, they have 60 different pieces of testing equipment in our in-house testing facilities to guarantee the creation of viva bond ACP is of the highest quality. 

In comparison with the industry rates viva aluminum panel sheet price is quite affordable. You can easily check out viva acp sheet rate from Mccoy Mart to analyze the estimates. 

Learn more about ACP cores

Aluminum Corrugated Composite Panel (ACCP): These aluminum corrugated core panels are made of the highest standard, A2+, which has a special ability to tolerate high temperatures and severe weather. In places where there is a high risk of a fire occurring, such as medical and chemical labs, showrooms, chemical factories, warehouses, commercial buildings, or industrial areas, FR grade ACCP is being installed more frequently. 

Fire-Retardant ACP Sheets: Their aluminum core, which is shaped like a honeycomb, prevents the spread of flames and lessens their intensity. By giving the trapped people enough time to leave the building, dramatically lowers the likelihood of fire-related fatalities while also emitting little smoke and no flame droplets. When a fire breaks out, they emit very little smoke, no poisonous gases, and no chemicals, which makes it simple and quick for people to leave the premises.

LDPE Core ACP sheets: These LDPE core or FR core (mineral core) panels are encased between two 0.5mm thick spirals of solid aluminum. Low-density polyethylene (LDPE) is a thermoplastic substance that is a member of the polyolefin group. LDPEs are light plastic materials that are simple and quick to install because of their low specific gravity. Additionally, they don't make the building heavier.

Get to know the details of ACP by properties

Non-combustible ACP Sheets (Class B, Class A2+, and A2):  This newest generation of composite sheets is focused solely on fire safety. Its Core is constructed using cutting-edge technology, which holds the key. Its main inorganic, halogen-free components are magnesium oxide and aluminum trihydroxide. Three classes of these fire-resistant ACPs are available: Class B, Class A2+, and Class A2.

Antibacterial ACP Sheets: They serve as defenses against bacteria like legionella, e. coli, staphylococcus aureus, salmonella, enteritis germs, MRSA, and E. coli, as well as black mold, biofilm, fungi, and other potentially harmful organisms. The bactericidal and antibacterial covering slows microbial growth and kills bacteria that come into touch with or are around gradually. Despite wear and tear or cleaning agents, antibacterial qualities continue to function as intended.

Abrasion-proof Anti-scratch Aluminum Composite Panel: It is a specially created coating panel that is based on nanotechnology intended to achieve a high gloss, ideal scratch, stain, and simple cleaning resistance. It is resistant to dust and other solid objects, preserving the surfaces' visual appeal for a considerable amount of time. Without utilizing abrasive chemical cleaners, the surface is easily maintainable and cleanable.

Stain-resistant ACP panels: The hydrophobic (resistance to water) and lipophobic (resistance to oil) properties on their nano-coated surface function as an impermeable barrier to stop UV radiation and contaminants from penetrating the paint surface. As a result, the coating performs better and maintains its gloss and color integrity for a longer time. Additionally, they include features that make them self-cleaning and pollution-resistant

Know more about the products supplied by Viva

For more than a few decades, the fraternity of architects, builders, and fabricators in India and beyond has trusted and chosen viva aluminium composite sheet for cladding. Additionally, viva acp sheet price list and viva aluminum composite sheet price is quite affordable because viva acp sheet price 3mm and viva ACP sheet price 4mm is less than the market price. Their unequalled quality, incomparable designs, and exciting hues and textures have earned them a reputation. Some of the viva ACP sheet catalogue pdf and viva ACP sheet near me are listed below:

HPL: It is a material of a new generation. Over the years, it has undergone significant change, and numerous designs and colors have been released on the market. In layman's terms, they are two sheets of laminates held together under high pressure. Earlier, they had only a few textures and styles, and their use was restricted to IT hubs, hotels, hospitals, and malls. But now, HPL sheets are mostly used today for interiors, partitions, fake ceilings, internal and external architectural cladding, and much more.

Wooden texture aluminum panel: As they were expertly made to maximize their potential uses, these wooden texture aluminum panels feel just like real wood. The color scheme and texture are of very high quality. Additionally, these panels have a lengthy lifespan. It is simple to fold, bend, and blend into shapes that other materials cannot produce. This is a key factor in why many architects & interior designers favor & value these ideas during any construction job. 

Silver aluminum composite panel: If you want a statement item for your home, these are the best options for improving aesthetics, whether interior or exterior. They have long been used to adorn contemporary buildings. In order to give commercial, residential, and industrial spaces that aspire to a futuristic design, both in terms of aesthetics and structural integrity, the urban chic look and viva ACP sheet price are quite reasonable. They are lightweight components and are very simple to install. To maintain their brightness, they need little upkeep. The use of any special materials for maintenance is not necessary, and maintenance services are also freely accessible.

Wooden Aluminium composite Panel: These have an ethereal beauty that is well known. It calms your senses whenever you encounter its "Inspired by Nature" style, whether it be in a household or commercial setting. You can install wooden-finished, aluminum composite panels to lend a traditional touch to the design of your house or place of business to incorporate natural tones. Additionally, they feature cutting-edge designs and prints influenced by organic textures. It not only relaxes your strained eyes but also calms the environment around you. Customization and experimenting with colors, textures, and finishes allow the creation of designs according to the client's preferences.

Zinc Composite Panel: This is praised for its high resistance to varied weather conditions because of its resistance to rust and corrosion. Zinc is also totally recyclable and can be recycled numerous times without losing any of its quality, making it an excellent cladding material and a real environmental ally.

ACP Panel: It is a material of a new generation. Over the years, it has undergone significant change, and numerous designs and colors have been released on the market. In layman's terms, they are two sheets of aluminum held together by a polyethylene thermoplastic core. They had only a few textures and styles, and their use was restricted to IT hubs, hotels, hospitals, and malls. ACP sheets are mostly used today for machine covers, signs boards, partitions, fake ceilings, internal and external architectural cladding, and much more.

Viva color coated aluminum coil: This company is the largest supplier of Color Coated Aluminum Coil with the heart of improving the appearance of the structures. The aluminum panel sheets are either coloured with fluorocarbon or coloured with polyester. They have qualities including stability, corrosion resistance, toughness, and lightweight. Because color-coated aluminum sheets are available in a wide range of hues and textures, they are frequently used in homes, retail establishments, and significant conference buildings.

Viva ACP Sheet Price List

Viva ACP Sheet Price
Wooden Aluminium Composite Panel (ACP Sheet) by Viva Rs 95 / Sq. Foot
Silver Mirror Aluminum Composite Panel (ACP Sheet) by Viva Rs 65 / Sq. Foot
Wooden Texture Aluminum Composite Panel (ACP Sheet) by Viva Rs 135 / Sq. Foot
Aluminium Composite Panel (ACP Sheet) by Viva Rs 105 / Sq. Foot
Aluminium Composite Panel by Viva Composite Panel Rs 105 / Sq. Foot

Viva ACP By Thickness

4MM VA – 8504 Antiq Alpine VA – 8505 Velar Cliché VA – 8506 Rugged Oxidized Copper
6MM VA352 – Sparkle White (HPL) VA375 – Parlato (HPL) VA352 – Sparkle White
3MM VA – 8501 Palomino VA – 8502 Rusty Copper VA – 8503 Firewire

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Ravindra Suri

July 20, 2017

Viva composite panel, a great company. It deals with different quality products that are primary approach of the customers to be used on their home interior and exterior. I had contacted the company for Viva ACP sheets and panels. I am satisfied with their products, designs, styles and prices they have defined according to the customer’s needs.


August 16, 2017

Good products

Mayank P Jain

July 25, 2018

Best supplier of ACP sheets in India and superior quality.

Sumit Vyas

September 18, 2018

Ready stock available and great quality

Meena jain

September 19, 2018

Wooden and mettalic acp sheets are best

Sameer patel

November 17, 2018

Till date done 4 projects and have used Viva products on all sites and have had no issues.. Recommend brand as always..?

Akshat patel

November 30, 2018

Quality assurance..?

Ashish bhandari

December 14, 2018

Best in class products

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