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Since its inception in 2011, Vivint solar has really invented some wonderful products that have helped modern man to meet their daily requirements. Located at Lehi, Utah the company has been continuously producing various types of solar products.  On the other hand, it is the only company that has introduced and provides its esteemed customers power purchase agreement. It means that the customer’s will now pay for the power that is produced during the contract period.

Products Range

Now let’s have a glimpse of the various types of products that are produced by the company. The process of manufacturing such products is quite updated and advanced.

  • Good quality of solar panels is manufactured by the company. Vivint solar panels are quite famous among people. This can be installed on the roof of the house so that the sun’s energy can be stored and used in the future. The concept of storing solar energy is quite innovative and technical at the same time.
  • Apart from this, the company also produces a different type of solar panels that are very economical in nature. They are quite budgeting friendly.
  • Solar batteries are also produced by them. These help in the storage of energy that can be used for various type of household work. It helps in easy checking of electric bills.
  • With the introduction of home EV charger, the work has become much easier. Now you can charge your EV faster and quicker than the normal charger.
  • Apart from this, the introduction of smart home security has enabled to stay freely. The front door package usually comes with a doorbell, smart lock and garage door.
  • Vivint solar reviews are very appreciable and informative.

Energy Storage System

The company mainly applies all the modern methods for storing solar energy. Most of their processes of storing energy are very advanced and as per the latest technologies. The approximate estimate of Vivint solar cost is much lower.

Supply Chain

Vivint solar company has indulged itself in producing innovative products it has gained goodwill in both the domestic and international market. Most of their products are supplied to various other countries of the world at a comparatively low price.

Brand Value

The company has really helped the homeowners with an innovative style of living by utilizing Vivint energy. They have bought such things or products that are simply remarkable. Commencing from the installation of the product to its proper maintenance are all done by them. These are mainly done by professionals of the company.

Vivint Solar Panels Price List

Vivint Solar Panel  Price
Vivint Solar Panel Rs 30/ Watt
37 W  Vivint Solar Panel  Rs 40/ Watt
Vivint Solar Mono Crystalline Rs 24/ Watt
2.5W  Vivint Solar Panel 2.5W Solar Panel

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