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Woodstock Laminates Ltd

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As a brand born out of Haryana Wood Products, Woodstock has incredibly established itself in the industry for its quality, perfection, beauty, consistent creativity and innovation. A name of repute in Plywood and Panel products manufacturing in Haryana (North India), it has gone from strength to strength since its inception in 1995. ISO certified for Total Quality Management (TQM), all of its products stand tall for its trusted quality, safety and durability.

Established by Mr. Rajnesh Arora and Mr. Sanjeev Sethi, the brand has been at the forefront to rewrite the rules of the industry. It’s unique approach to the concept of manufacturing plywood is reflected from the fact that it is spread on the wide surface area of 35 acres, of which its horticulture division "Haryana Horticulture" is set up on 30 acres land that is entirely devoted to nurturing the growth of trees.

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