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About us

Dream Kitchens India is a popular brand in the commercial kitchen equipment industry. Established in 1999, dream kitchen India manufactures and supplies a range of kitchen equipment for commercial kitchens such as hotel kitchens, restaurant kitchens, base kitchens, industrial kitchens, etc. The company also designs kitchen layout, customises kitchen equipment according to needs and provides exhausts systems and gas services.

Product range

The modern dream kitchen cooking equipments include pizza oven, hot dog roller, idli steamer, four burner cooking stove with oven, charcoal griller, dosa plate, Chinese cooking equipments, drum tandoor and deep fat fryer table top.

Refrigerated dream house kitchen equipments include water cooler, three door bottle chiller, kulfi making machine, cold room, ice cube machine and four door refrigerator.

Bakery equipments by dream kitchens include food mixers, waffle baker, pizza oven, dough sheeter and oven.

Equipments specially designed to handle the high traffic of restaurant and hotel kitchens are also offered by the company. They come in a plethora of designs and sizes to suit diverse needs. The entire dream kitchen gallery complete with images of the equipments can be viewed on the official website of the company.

Planning and other services

The experts of the company help in selecting kitchen equipments best suited to the menu. Sizes and designs of the equipments are determined with the help of sketches. The dream kitchen designs incorporate adequate areas for storage, cooking, washing, receiving, etc. The best dream kitchen ideas suitable for smooth running of commercial kitchens are provided. The kitchen equipments are manufactured according to exact technical specifications using the best materials.

The dream home kitchen services also include designing of gas pipes in the kitchen. The gas system is designed after an analysis of the amount of gas likely to be used in the kitchen.

Designing and installing the exhaust system also comes under the domain of the company. 

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