Ahmedabad declared as UNESCO’s World Heritage City; first in the country

By: | April 06 , 2020

For over 600 years, Ahmedabad has stood for peace, as a landmark city where Mahatma Gandhi began India’s freedom struggle. It has stood for unity with its elegant carvings in its Hindu and Jain temples as well as standing as one of the finest examples of Indo-Islamic architecture and Hindu Muslim art. And beyond this, it epitomizes the United Nation’s objective of sustainable development as it accelerates in its development, Ruchira Kamboj, India’s permanent representative to UNESCO said during Ahmedabad’s inscription.

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And with this, Ahmedabad has been declared as the first UNESCO Heritage City in India, coming close with considerations like Delhi and Mumbai. In June 2017, officials from the World Heritage Committee (WHC) of UNESCO has visited the city and informed the Central Government about including Ahmedabad as a nomination. The nomination was further supported by countries like Turkey, Lebanon, Cuba and Poland.

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