AIS participates in the 7th GRIHA Summit, 2016

By: | April 07 , 2020

Asahi India Glass Limited (AIS), India’s leading integrated glass company, participates in the 7th GRIHA Summit from 16th to 20th February, 2016 in New Delhi.  Featuring four (16th – 19th February) exciting days of eminent speakers, unmatched networking opportunities, exhibition of green building products (on 18th-19th February), GRIHA workshops (for about 40 professionals from 16th- 17th February and for students on 17th February, i.e. GRIHA Trophy at NASA) and tour of green buildings (on 20th February), The GRIHA Summit offers a place for hundreds to meet and renew their commitment to the green movement.

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“As India’s leading integrated glass company, AIS has been at the forefront of moving towards an eco-friendly future. It has pioneered innovations in glass processing technology to develop both single-glazed and double-glazed products with the best ‘green’ parameters. This is giving developers and their architects greater choice and the ability to explore possibilities. These solutions enhance the aesthetics, efficiency and economics of commercial and residential spaces, compared to traditional building materials,” said Vikram Khanna, COO- Architectural Institutional Business & Consumer Glass, CMO, CIO, Asahi India Glass Ltd.

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AIS is also be participating in ‘Sustainable Façade Conference’ which is being organized by TERI, Bangalore along with GRIHA Council as one of the knowledge events. The Facade Conference aims to provide a platform to discuss and present building facade designs & their performance in various climatic zones in India to achieve Sustainable Built Environment.

AIS will be participating in the panel discussion on the topic Mainstreaming Energy Efficient Façades- Challenges & Solutions. The panel discussion will address challenges in mainstreaming efficient facades, including maintenance, affordability, large scale replication, retrofit of façade in existing building stock.

The panel will include eminent personalities who have installed efficient facades and show way forward for various challenges related to efficiency in façade design in India.

Ecosense from AIS is a high performance glass portfolio, available in a unique range of 33 nature inspired shades under the four categories – Enhance (Solar Control range), Exceed (Solar Control Low-E range), and Essence (Low-E range) and Edge (Solar Control & Thermal Insulation. Can be used in single glazed applications). It helps developers and their architects by allowing optimum light to pass through a window or façade while radiating, absorbing and reflecting away a large part of near range infra-red heat and by keeping indoor spaces brighter and cooler

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