Architect approved cladding used only on the ground floor: Grenfell Tower

By: | September 14 , 2022

Grenfell Tower fire accident is as fresh as ever, as more countries experience bad or unthoughtful Government decisions across the world, including London, where a number of buildings have come under the unregulated cladding scanner. New documents related to the Grenfell accident show that non-combustible concrete panels were used on the ground floor, fitted to the base of the concrete column of the building, where nobody inhabited the space. The upper floors, which succumbed to the fire, had panels stuffed with plastic which were twice as cheap as the ones which had to be used originally.

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The glass reinforced concrete panels used on the ground floor are commonly used on high-rises across the world as they are rated A1, the highest fire rating there is. However, they cost twice as much as the aluminium panels which were used, having a polyethylene core. Documents show that contractors cut the cladding costs by almost £300,000.

A spokesman, for KCTMO (Kensington and Chelsea Tenant Management Organisation), said the organisation had

put on hold all requests for disclosure of relevant information. He added:

We recognise our responsibility to ensure that the investigative process is not hampered or undermined in any way.

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