Asia-Pacific Housing Forum’s 6th Edition in Hong Kong

By: | April 06 , 2020
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Date: 4-7 September 2017
Venue: JW Marriott Hotel, Hong Kong

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The 6th Asia-Pacific Housing Forum aims to bring policy-makers, academics, urban planners, architects, housing sector developers, non-governmental organizations, donor agencies, researchers, advocates and international organizations, and the likes, under one roof.

Started in 2007, The Housing Forum has successfully brought more than 3,400 people from over 52 countries together to discuss, develop and collaborate on solutions for poverty housing issues and to promote the concept of affordable housing for a better economic growth in different countries.

The theme for this year’s discussion is- Housing at the centre. Home, the foundation for every family is a a home of their own giving them security though this one of the biggest crisis that humankind is currently facing. It is also critical to the urbanization process.

As the brief for the event also points out that ‘affordable housing is a key factor of various global initiatives (e.g. Sustainable Development Goals, Habitat III, New Urban Agenda, resilience plans from the Paris Agreement).’

“The infrastructure in our major cities cannot cope with current populations, never mind the predicted growth that continued urbanization will drive. People who live in decent homes are better workers and make the city a thriving place… the challenge is to make life more livable for people who are drawn to cities to find jobs and create that growth. Adequate housing and secure tenure are the basis for living. There are various ways to address long-term affordability of housing, but it has to start with the allocation of land.”

Jonathan Reckford Chief Executive Officer, Habitat for Humanity International

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