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On March 01, 2013, YKK Holding Asia Pte. Ltd. (member of YKK Group) had entered into a formal agreement with Bhoruka Aluminium Limited (“BAL”) for transfer of its aluminium extrusion business. This transaction was subsequently completed on 31st May 2013, pursuant to which the entire aluminium extrusion division of BAL along with all existing employees was transferred to a newly formed entity, Bhoruka Facades Pvt Ltd (“BFPL), which is now part of the YKK group.

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YKK is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of fastening products and also architectural products that include aluminium windows, doors, railings and many other innovative products for various sectors. The group has presence in 71 countries across the globe via 109 affiliated companies and is driven by a dedicated workforce of 39,000 employees.

YKK’s philosophy is the Cycle of Goodness – “No one prospers unless he renders benefit to others” and it fully embodies this in each and every activity. It undertakes to seek corporate value of higher significance by building trust, transparency and respect for all our stakeholders and the society at large.
The YKK Philosophy: Cycle of Goodness

YKK Group Management Principle: Seeking Corporate Value of Higher Significance

In our continuing endeavor to serve our customers better, we have changed the name of the company to Bhoruka Extrusions Pvt Ltd (“BEPL”), effective 15th October 2013.

Our production system features products developed to precisely meet market needs, ensure manufacturing to consistent standards, and delivers a level of quality trusted around the world. The YKK AP brand aims to increase the value of buildings by providing entrance and window systems that are unique, offer quality and diversity, based on the wide-ranging know-how accumulated from major projects around the world. Our customers know they can rely on YKK AP for top-quality manufacturing. Quality is the main focus point of YKK AP products. Commitment to quality is the backbone of our business philosophy.

Bhoruka plays a major role in the aluminum extrusion industry in India, highly regarded as the industry leader with technology and quality assurance. With integrated infrastructure (casting, extrusion, die manufacturing, anodizing and powder coating) under one roof, strong relationship with global system houses, MNC clients and Government/PSU, the collaboration of YKK AP and Bhoruka brings diverse range of opportunities.

YKK AP will utilize the production facility and sales channel which Bhoruka has built in the past 30 years, while at the same time draw high synergistic effect by uniting products, technical capabilities, and global practices of YKK AP, which will help improve operational efficiency with increased capacity utilization. Our goal is to be a truly international company that develops high-quality products within each country’s climate and culture, aimed at mutual progress.
We will work together with developers, architects, consultants, and other influencers to understand the requirements and bring in products suited to help improve the living environment in India.

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