‘CA Star’ launch- First Made in India Controlled Atmosphere Door

By: | April 07 , 2020

Metaflex Doors & Jindal Mectec, the industry leaders in controlled atmosphere storage solutions launched CA Star, Controlled Atmosphere (CA) Doors in India. The CA doors are indigenously designed in India under ‘Make in India’ initiative. The door is one of the crucial component of controlled atmosphere storage and was imported till date for any such requirements. Control Atmosphere maintains the quality and freshness of the items without the use of any chemicals. Under CA conditions, products can be stored for 2 to 4 times longer than usual. Controlled atmosphere storage is a concept where the atmosphere inside the storage area is controlled by maintaining the right balance of gases by reducing the level of O2 and increasing CO2.

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Speaking on the occasion, Rajesh Sikka, MD, Metaflex Doors India, said, “CA door is a very crucial element in maintaining the gases balance intact inside the storage area. The specialized gasket used in our CA Star takes care of all imperfections and gives 100% gas tight sealing. The application areas for CA Star are diverse like Fresh produce storages like fruits & vegetables, Disinfestations sector, Biological storages and Storage areas that are using technical gases.”

Fresh produce worth Rs 13,300 crore in India is thrown away every year because of the lack of adequate cold storage facilities and refrigerated transport. With this indigenous product, the customers will get better quality technological product for cold storage areas at a stable price.

Metaflex India, an ISO 9001:2008 certified organization, is a leading manufacturer of insulated doors. Their product portfolio include hermetically sealed OT doors, radiation proof doors, fire resistant doors, cold room doors, controlled atmosphere doors, industrial doors and dock solutions. The company caters to the wide array of industries like healthcare, pharmaceutical, cold chains, food processing and industrial units.


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