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By: | May 18 , 2020

GARDOBOND® X and OXSILAN® AL technologies are Chemetall’s new chrome-free solutions for the pretreatment of aluminium, along with the Gardo® Etch and Gardo®Seal product range for anodizing processes.

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For many decades, hexavalent chrome pre-treatment has been the standard for aluminium. More recently, chrome-based pre-treatment processes have come under pressure for environmental and health and safety reasons. The first chrome-free pretreatment processes started to appear in the marketplace about 20 years ago. Today, with almost two decades of operating experience gained, and hundreds of users worldwide, the performance of these programmes is equivalent to the conventional hexavalent chrome products. Users of chrome-free technology include all the world’s biggest names in the industry. Chemetall’sGardobond® X and OXSILAN®AL series – state-of-the-art chrome-free pretreatment processes for aluminium – help producers maximise adhesion and corrosion protection.

Chrome-free and approved solutions for the aluminium pretreatment

Both Gardobond® X 4707 and OXSILAN® AL 0510 hold industry standard Qualicoat and GSB approvals. The technologies can be applied by spray, dip or cascade application. They are easy to handle and low maintenance to run. Furthermore the processes are simple to control, with the added benefit as they are chrome-free effluent treatment costs are reduced. The products meet the most demanding quality goals and by eliminating heavy metals, health, safety and environmental risks and costs are thereby reduced.

Advantages at a glance:

Gardobond® X 4707

  • Chrome-free solution for the pretreatment of aluminium
  • Spray, dip and cascade application
  • Easy to handle
  • Low maintenance process
  • Easy waste water treatment
  • Easy on-line control
  • Quantitative method for coating weight
  • Range of industry standard approvals


  • Chrome-free multi-metal pretreatment solution
  • Spray, dip and cascade application
  • Easy to handle
  • Low maintenance process
  • Easy waste water treatment
  • Easy on-line control
  • Quantitative method for coating weight
  • Range of industry standard approvals

Optimizing anodizing: Gardo® Etch and Gardo® Seal

Chemetall has launched the Gardo® Etch additives for alkaline etching. These new products offer significant improvements for E-6 etching with improved rinsing and draining characteristics and resulting in a very uniform matt surface finish. The products can also improve the productivity of the line and they will work on special aluminium alloys including those containing a higher percentage of aluminium and one further bonus is a reduction in the level of sludge produced by the process.

Chemetall has also given a lot of thought to the topic of hot sealing, designing products with the aim to minimise the daily operational problems and thereby to contribute to optimizing process safety. These thoughts have led to Chemetall’s hot-sealing product series named Gardo® Seal. It comprises of three different processes adapted to meet the differing requirements of the customers’ anodizing plants. One process is for the use in baths without filtration, another for the use in baths with filtration through a filter pump, but where the filtration is insufficient to remove all the contaminants and a third process is for use in baths with filtration which are operated in accordance with the never-dump principle, where there a continuous discarding of the bath, so the bath is always operated within relatively consistent parameters.

When used optimally the Gardo® Seal product series achieve weight loss values of 10 – 15 mg/dm². Over the bath service life, this value rises appreciably less, than with standard products. Chemetall’sGardo® Seal prevents the formation of sealing smut, gives clean, smut-free surfaces and offers benefits especially on colored surfaces.

Chemetall – globally active, locally based

Chemetall is a leading global supplier of surface treatment technologies with own sales offices, production facilities, service teams, laboratories and warehouses at locations all around the world. Over the past decades, the Chemetall group has largely invested in the surface treatment business in India. In July 2013, Chemetall took over the sole ownership of its former Indian joint venture Chemetall-Rai, which was foundedwith the families Rai and Nath in 1995. In 2012 the company invested in a second modern production facility in Chennai to keep pace with the growth dynamics of the Indian market. In the same year they also acquired the chemical business of Gramos, a leading local player for surface treatment technologies in the Indian automotive industry. “The acquisition of Chemetall-Rai is a further milestone in our growth strategy”, says JorisMerckx, President Chemetall and adds “As a sole owner we can react faster to the demands of the Indian market and further expand our surface treatment business in the Asian region.”

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About Chemetall

Chemetall, a division of Rockwood Holdings, Inc. (NYSE: ROC), is a leading global supplier of special chemicals with a focus on processes for the surface treatment of metals and plastics. Chemetall is headquartered in Frankfurt am Main, Germany, and comprises about 40 companies and 22 production sites worldwide. With 2,000 employees, the Group achieved sales of about 551 million Euro (2012). .

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