DDA Develops Prototype for Mobile app for Feedback on Construction Quality

By: | April 06 , 2020

The Delhi Development Authority (DDA) has developed a prototype for a new mobile application that would allow applicants to send feedback to the housing authority on construction quality and maintenance services of the flats. The prototype is part of one of the four mobile applications that the DDA is planning to launch soon to facilitate the public.

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At present the prototype feedback form has four parameters– external finishing of block/façade, finishing of walls, flooring of toilets/bathrooms and flooring of rooms.

“The DDA through public suggestions is requesting to know as to whether more parameters should be included or any changes in the nomenclature are required in the parameters,” a senior DDA official said.

Seeking to bring in greater transparency and ease in consumer grievances, DDA is working on the four new mobile applications. Mobile apps are also being developed for monitoring the quality of roads diverted to facilitate development and for online filling of measurement books.

DDA Vice Chairman Arun Goel had early this month announced some mobile applications for feedback for construction quality of its houses and maintenance. On his directions, a prototype of a mobile application has been developed.

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