Designs Invited For National War Memorial at New Delhi

By: | September 07 , 2021

The Union Defence Ministry has launched a global competition for selecting designs for the National War Memorial and Museum near India Gate in memory of over 25,000 soldiers who laid down their lives post-Independence.The project, for which the government has approved Rs.500 crore, is to be completed in five years at the Princess Park at New Delhi.

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“The design of the Memorial should be a fitting monument to honour the memory of the brave soldiers. Located at the heart of the Capital, standing tall between the expanse of manicured lawns and grand buildings, the National War Memorial must be majestic and timeless,” the design brief said.

It added that the memorial would need to solemnly showcase the number, rank, name and unit of approximately 25,000 martyrs on a commemorative wall with scope for future requirements. For making an absorbing and unforgettable experience, installations such as art murals and statues celebrating battle victories and unexceptional sacrifices may also be incorporated.

The National War Memorial will thematically integrate with the National War Museum, which is proposed to be built at Princess Park, through an underground connection, providing the visitors with inspiring opportunity for an enriching and gratifying experience, the brief said.

The last date for online submission is September 15. The final results will be announced on December 31.This will be a two stage contest. Competitors will be required to submit their Stage 1 entries onhttps://www.mygov.in/, and the top nine entries selected from the Stage 1 submissions will be eligible to participate in the Stage 2 of the contest,” said a statement from the Defence Ministry.Nine shortlisted entries will win $ 2,000 each, and the design that’s selected will score $30,000.

A statement from the government said, “The memorial will promote a sense of patriotism in the minds of visitors, and will award an opportunity to citizens of this vast nation, to express their token sense of gratitude to the brave soldiers, who laid down their lives for the motherland.”

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