Facade Tectonics World Congressin Los Angeles

By: | March 25 , 2020

Architects, engineers, façade industry representatives and other building professionals gathered in Los Angeles today for the start of the Facade Tectonics 2016 World Congress. The conference drew more than 400 attendees, and includes 100 peer-reviewed paper presentations about everything from façade day lighting and control, to envelope maintenance and life cycle, to occupant comfort and building performance.

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“This conference raises the bar and sets a new standard for façade-focused knowledge-sharing platforms worldwide,” said Mic Patterson, current president of the Facade Tectonics Institute, the conference host. “There is a growing recognition of the central role the building façade plays in human health, comfort and productivity, in nearly every aspect of building performance and in the fitness and quality of urban habitat. As the nexus of myriad and often competing influences and considerations, the façade is recognized and embraced by the Institute as playing the pivotal role in the pursuit of holistic building design.”

The conference continues through October 11, 2016.

Courtesy: http://glassmagazine.com/

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