Hafele introduces its latest line of Kitchen, Bath and Appliances products at its Flagship store in Delhi.

By: | September 09 , 2021

Hafele, the Home Interiors Specialist Brand, constantly strives to introduce innovative and new interior functionalities that cater to all areas of the home – right from the main and internal doors to the different corners of the living room, bedroom, kitchen and bathroom – ensuring a seamless transformation of non-functional spaces into truly functional zones.

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All our ideas of innovation are inspired by latest home improvement trends that are then transformed into functional solutions. The best chance you have to see these ideas transforming into reality is at our flagship showrooms present in all the four major metros (Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore and Kolkata).  Our flagship showrooms provide an international retail environment that recreates global trends by converting them into inspiring interior displays using the trademark Hafele functionality.


The company has recently added new innovations to its Flagship Showroom in Okhla, South Delhi from its range of Nagold Built-in Home appliances, Blanco Kitchen sinks and Aqua Trendz Bathroom fittings. The 13th of May, 2016 will see the company reintroducing its flagship showroom at South Delhi through the presentation of these new innovations in real-time displays.

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Nagold Built-in Home Appliances – An international range developed by Hafele; specifically made for India

‘Nagold by Hafele’ is the first of its kind built-in home appliances brand that is remarkably International by design and functionality, yet distinctively Indian by features and functions which specifically cater to the unique requirements of this country. The brand is gaining popularity in the Indian market owing to the fact that the customer now has access to superior international technology at surprisingly approachable price points. This makes way for a value proposition that has never before been experienced in the built-in appliances segment of India.

Indian Features… International Functionality!

  • Tropicalized compressor – The Nagold built-in refrigerator has a climatic class of SN (Sub-Normal) –T (Tropical) which has an operating temperature of 10˚C to 43˚C. The Tropicalized compressor works perfectly for the Indian climate providing optimum cooling and humidity thus reducing wear and tear and boosting the life-span of the refrigerator.
  • Supernova burners – Hafele presents to you the efficiency of the traditional wood-fire Indian cooking along with the convenience of modern technology through its range of ORO built-in hobs from Nagold. These hobs come with supernova brass burners which have been engineered to provide the most favorable flame for Indian cooking styles – the flame automatically takes the shape of the cooking pot be it a round-bottomed wok or a flat-bottomed pan!
  • Filter free extraction – Nagold’s Teresa 90 Extraction hood has been specially designed to absorb the heavy fumes of Indian cooking. What’s more is that this hood comes without filters, eliminating the tiresome activity of cleaning and maintaining the filters on a weekly basis.

Blanco’s Steel Art Collection of Kitchen Sinks – Ergonomical designer sinks made of high grade stainless steel; beautiful, sturdy and long-lasting

Exclusive sinks in exceptional pared-down design and small series. Made-to-measure stainless steel worktops based on your wishes. That’s BLANCO STEEL ART. The versatile product programme from BLANCO’s high-tech production facility appeals for its simple aesthetics and unique matching geometries, and consistently sets new design trends in the living world of the kitchen.

  1. Recyclable : Stainless steel is a natural, environmentally friendly material that is 100% recyclable. This means that all items made of stainless steel can go back into the production of new materials at the end of their life cycle.
  2. Corrosion-resistant : BLANCO uses the highest stainless steel quality that consists mainly of iron (72%), chrome (18%) and nickel (10%). This composition makes it resistant to corrosion.
  3. Anti-Rusting : Stainless steel does not rust. Any rust marks that appear on the surface are from other sources. This rust is an oxidation of deposited foreign materials.
  4. Self-renewing : Stainless steel constantly renews itself. In fact, it is said to have a self-healing surface, also called the passive layer. If the surface is damaged, oxygen helps it to renew itself. This is always of benefit to the material in daily use.
  5. Durable : Thanks to the zoning of the passive layer, there is no need for corrosion protection. As a consequence, stainless steel retains its value and brilliance for decades.

‘Aqua Trendz’ Bathroom Fittings – An innovative and trendy series from Hafele’s bathroom range that provides pure experience, design and quality

Whether it’s an energizing shower first thing in the morning, a quick shave before work or an elongated, lingering candlelit soak before bed, Häfele’s new bathroom fittings falling under the Aqua Trendz Range lets you convert your bathroom into your very own wellness center.  The new collection of overhead shower systems, bathroom faucets, fittings and accessories falling under the umbrella range of Häfele Aqua Trendz is characterized by clean lines and distinctive aesthetics thus enhancing your bathroom space with unique and breath-taking designs. The new and exclusive Aqua Trendz catalogue takes you through the exquisite collection of all products falling under this range, providing you with holistic bathroom solutions from one source.

Experience these new functionalities first hand at our Design Showroom in South Delhi.

Address : D-89, Okhla Phase-I, New Delhi – 110 020
For further information contact : Amit Sharma
Mobile : 9891449783
Email Id : amit@priuscommunications.com


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