How Digital Ink Jet technology is used to create Tiles?

By: | July 21 , 2022

Digital Inkjet technology has created a new revolution in floor and wall tile design. It has changed the ways in which floor and wall coverings are looked upon at and used. Innumerable tile designs options can be derived with this technology and the printing is done on both ceramic as well as porcelain tiles.

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  • In Digital Inkjet printing technology the image is reproduced onto the tile directly from the computer. Just like inkjet printers four colours namely cyan, pink, yellow and black are used to create numerous design palettes and colour options. They are used to create colour up to the minutest detail to form high definition or HD tiles.
  • This technology converts photographs, artwork, company logos, stone and wood designs directly onto the tile. Hence there is less time required for design development and production as compared to conventional processes of tile manufacture.
  • This process is not very expensive and very quick to manufacture which make it a very good marketable product. The designs are transferred to tiles with just a click of a button through computers.
  • The tiles are easy to maintain, scratch resistant and stain resistant.

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