How to Choose the Right ACP Cladding?

By: | April 29 , 2020

ACP or Aluminium Composite Panel is a panel that is formed by fusing two aluminium sheets to create a core that is non-aluminium. As a new age material, it has become highly popular as the building exterior material for its sophisticated look and almost no maintenance. Available in different colours, textures, prints and designs, these sheets can be chosen as per the requirement.

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If you are unsure of how to choose the right ACP cladding, here is a help:


As the design of the building or façade will give an impression to the onlookers regarding your choices and preferences, it is sensible to choose a suitable design and colour. Corporate buildings must choose ACP Cladding that exudes a corporate design or are so installed that they give a sophisticated impression.


As the ACP panels are available in a wide range of solid colours, you need to choose a colour that is suitable for your building. You must check the surroundings and choose a colour that goes well with the surroundings and gives your building a beautiful look. Eurobond, leading offers a wide range of modern and stylish designs and colours of ACP sheets.


Although the installation of the ACP sheets is very simple and easy, you must choose the experts for the job. The ACP work done well will last for a long time while any improperly installed panels would start giving away after some time. So, you must ensure that you have experienced panel installers working on the ACP cladding of your building.

Customized Design

If you have a particular design or colour in mind for your building, you can even ask the company if that can be customized. You can mix and match colours and textures to give a modern look to the building. Wood facades give the building an urban look.

Complement the interiors

In addition to enhancing the external beauty of the building, ACP sheets are also used in the interiors to give a modern look. You must choose the external and internal sheets complementing each other. This way, your building will look great and you will be at peace of not having to maintain it for a long time.

Finding the best company for ACP sheets is not difficult as we at Eurobond have dealers in all major cities and towns. For any other areas or regions where these sheets are required, you can send in your orders online.

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