Ideas Kitchens n Interiors Introduced ‘U-Shaped Kitchen collection’

By: | April 01 , 2020

The versatile U-shape kitchen is gaining popularity and becoming an optimum option for large households. The design of the U-shape kitchens enables the creation of ample storage space by maximizing the benchtop space as well as the cabinets. Owing to the growing demand for such a kitchen, “Ideas Kitchen n Interiors” introduces a wide collection of U-shape kitchens that offer high quality as well as an elegant look.

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Features of U-Shape Kitchen Collection

According to Seema Khosla, the MD and Designer of Ideas Kitchen n Interiors, the U-shape kitchen range is easy to install. They are designed to make the kitchens spacious and add a sophisticated look to the interiors. With the U-shape kitchen accessing the different areas of the kitchen becomes easy for the homemakers.

The collection of the U-shape kitchen is designed according to the latest trends. The U-shape kitchen collection offered by Ideas Kitchen n Interiors proves to be a perfect blend of functionality and utility. The kitchen comes with three walls that are in line with the cabinets as well as appliances. The efficient design helps in freeing up a significant amount of floor space. With plenty of space, storing all kitchen accessories effectively becomes easy.

Advantages of U-Shape Kitchen Collection

The U-shape kitchen collection of Ideas Kitchen n Interiors offers the following benefits:

  • Efficient

Designed with high efficiency in mind, the U-shape kitchen collection of Ideas Kitchen n Interiors enables efficient cooking. The working triangle enables easy movement of the homemakers between the cooktop, refrigerator, and sink. Such kitchen floor plans help in separating the family from the work area of the kitchen.

  • User-Friendly

The U-shape kitchen offered by Seema Khosla at Ideas Kitchen n Interiors is user-friendly in nature. By keeping the kitchen appliances in the cabinets, the homemakers can maximize their workspace and ensure a clutter-free kitchen. The benchtops on three sides enable easy accessibility of the kitchen appliances and create ample space for cooking.

  • Entertaining

With the use of an island benchtop in the U-shape kitchen, separate space can be created for the guests. While the homemakers remain engaged in cooking, it enables the guests to sit on the opposite side. By separating the kitchen space and the dining area, it helps in avoiding any kind of disturbance while cooking.

  • Reduces Crowd

With the U-shaped kitchens of Idea Kitchens n Interiors, two or more people can easily cook without any difficulty. It helps in preventing the crowd in the kitchen, which is especially beneficial for big families with more number of members. The U-shape layout ensures less traffic in the kitchen during cooking.

The U-shape kitchen of Idea Kitchens n Interiors offers an optimum solution for storing modular kitchen accessories. By making available a number of color options and finishes for the U-shape kitchen, homemakers can create the kitchen of their choice. They also have the liberty to choose the cabinets, appliances, and the dimensions that they would like to have. With the wide collection of U-shaped kitchens, the life of the homemakers becomes simple and easier.

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