Latest MTS Seismic Simulation System installed in Taiwan

By: | April 06 , 2020

A world leading supplier of high-performance test systems and sensors, MTS Systems Corporation, has successfully installed a new advanced testing system at the National Center for Research on Earthquake Engineering (NCREE). The centre, located in Taiwan will help test and assess the motion of the ground when subjected to an earthquake and how the impact can be minimised around the world. Taiwan is located on the Pacific Rim subjecting it to tremors often. The MTS test system is made of an (8 x 8) metre shake table, a wall/floor structural test laboratory and an isolation bearing tester.

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There is a pressing need for civil engineers to undertake more comprehensive seismic simulation studies, so that they can evaluate the structural integrity of larger scale items, as well as longer displacement periods. Access to high performance test systems is an essential part of this work and that is why our collaboration with the diligent and highly professional staff at MTS, and the sophisticated equipment that the company has subsequently supplied us with, have both proved to be so important, stated Professor Shyh-Jiann Hwang, Director General of NCREE.

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