Maharashtra PWD tells all departments to submit only Green Building designs

By: | April 06 , 2020

Maharashtra Public Work Department (PWD) has asked all their departments to, henceforth, prepare and submit designs based on the Green Building concepts only. A senior PWD official said this excessive use of power has resulted in more demand for power in the recent years. “That additional power is leading to high expenses as well. If the power is not available, the government has to buy it from the open market. Looking at the financial condition of the state, it is affordable neither to buy nor to produce the power. At present, the government is not economically sound to bear this soaring financial burden,” the official said, requesting anonymity.

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He said the only solution for this problem was to save power. “This can be done by implementing the Green Building concept across the state. That will also maintain ecological balance. We have asked our all departments to, henceforth, prepare and submit designs based on the Green Building concepts only,” the official added.

The Maharashtra state Public Works It further stated that at present, the glass façade buildings were very much in demand as part of modernisation. “Most architects are designing glass façade buildings. We are giving more importance to outer looks of structures rather than their environment-friendly use. To light up these buildings, we need more power. Besides, more air conditioners (ACs) are installed to cool these box-type structures,” the circular added.

Meanwhile, Milind Samel from the A1 architectural firm welcomed the state government decision. “It is true that the glass façade buildings are not environment friendly. These buildings are also causing fire safety issues. People, however, are getting more aware about the environment. Therefore, they are asking for changes in designs. The government should amend its approval policy, to give more incentives to the Green Building concept,” he added.Department (PWD) has asked all its departments to follow the Green Building concept while constructing new residential, commercial and administrative buildings across the state.

According to the circular issued by the PWD, most government structures in the state are constructed in a stereotypical style, which consumes of a lot of electricity. “As part of development, large-scale projects have been undertaken, which are now posing major environmental challenges. These big-sized residential and commercial buildings consume a huge amount of electricity. As a result, power cuts have regularly been imposed during peak hours,” stated the circular.

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