Morphogenesis – beneficiary of the 5th SIA-Getz Architecture Prize

By: | April 06 , 2020

In a 1st for Indian architectural practice, the Singapore Institute of Architects (SIA) has selected Sonali and ManitRastogi, Morphogenesis, as Laureates of the fifth SIA-Getz Architecture Prize for Emergent Architecture in Asia.

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This prestigious biennial Prize seeks to bring recognition to Asian architects, who ‘through their vision and commitment have made a significant contribution in shaping the changing landscape of Asia, and to honour a living architect’s remarkable career that is in progress’. Previous Laureates of the SIA-Getz Architecture Prize are Mr Chan SooKhian from Singapore, Dr Hitoshi Abe from Japan, Mr WongMunSumm& Mr Richard Hassell from Singapore and Prof Jimmy Lim from Malaysia.

They were awarded the Prize Medallion by Mr Lee Yi Shyan, Senior Minister of State, Singapore. This year’s jury comprised Mr Theodore Chan, SIA President, Mr Richard Ho, 2013 President’s Design Awardee, Mr Tai Lee Siang, Group MD Architecture Singapore, Ong&Ong, Ms Tan Pei Ing, ARCASIA President and Prof Ar Jimmy Lim, 4th Laureate SIA-Getz Architecture Prize.

“Their works are very much rooted into the culture, climatic, social and economic conditions of India. Sonali and ManitRastogi’s works put India’s architecture on the world stage” – Citation from Jury. The jury felt that their works will be an inspiration to not only young Indian Architects but also other Asian Architects.

Morphogenesis philosophy – The Architecture of Sustainability: With a local, socio-cultural response to design, our results are more often than not, passive solutions, which further help to reduce energy and water dependence by increasing the number of comfortable habitable hours with minimum reliance on mechanical means. We have successfully created exemplars that consume 70% lesser energy than established green rating benchmarks, without incurring additional cost. Optimization of all resources is a pre-requisite to our architecture today. It is an all-inclusive nature of design with a unique focus on passive and low energy architecture that we believe will define the new emergent Indian architecture.

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