‘Quality Revolution’ of Chinese Kitchen and Bath Enterprises

By: | September 07 , 2021

Recently, the Kitchen and Bath Engineering Committee of China Building Decoration Association, which is the most authoritative official institution of China’s home furnishings industry, has officially launched the selection of The Top 100 Enterprises of China Kitchen and Bath and the event of Quality Products of China’s Kitchen and Bath, aiming to lead the transformation of the whole industry from production-driven to quality-driven and provide the most authoritative and detailed data to distributors, dealers, importers and consumers for cooperation and purchase. A “Chinese national kitchen and bath team” will be composed of the top 100 kitchen and bath enterprises, which are selected by leading experts and agencies through in-depth research and evaluation of core indexes, such as scale, profit, marketing channels, technology and innovation, and marketing data including brand influence and word of mouth of consumers.

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It is a very practical and wise decision to enhance the competitiveness and influence of Chinese kitchen and bath products in the world through improvement in quality and brand. These excellent brands have developed rapidly in the domestic market with stores and volume increasing in recent years. The personalized products, service and innovation instead of price have become advantages of these brands. With the great opportunity of China’s overall transformation and upgrade, the core thinking of quality and innovation in technology, products and models are able to provide the best home experience to global consumers.

On Oct. 27 – 28, the list of The Top 100 Enterprises of China Kitchen and Bath is going to be released with an award ceremony in Zhongshan, Guangdong. In the future, the “Chinese national kitchen and bath team”, which is made up of these splendid awarded enterprises, may enter your home soon.

It is easier than ever to see products which are “Made in China” all over the world. Though “Made in China” has not established its own empire in the field of luxury goods, it is still easy to find “Made in China” on the tags of quality products. China is actively seeking a new economic generator while the global economy has been in a slump. With the comprehensive promotion of supply-side structural reform proposed by the Chinese government, the strategy of innovation-driven and quality-improvement has influenced Chinese enterprises in a wide range on their development blueprints for the next five to ten years.

As one of the world‛s biggest manufacturers of house ware products, many of China’s leading home furnishing brands are aiming to further expand into the overseas market. Chinese low-end companies used to grab the export market with cheap products. But the situation is changing, and more high quality and intelligent Chinese productshave become popular. On the one hand, the rise of China’s property industry and the upgrade of domestic consumption level, the strong purchasing power of Chinese consumers and personalized consumption demand, have pushed China’s home furnishing enterprises to turn to branding and best quality. On the other hand, with the prosperity of the internet and big data, the seller’s market has been broken and enterprises have begun to make continuous breakthroughs in terms of design and technology for severe competition.

SOURCE – Kitchen and Bath Engineering Committee of China Building Decoration Association; Contact: Yang Wei, +86-185-1040-7976, yangwei@itrax.cn

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