Renson Healthbox 3.0 – UX Design Awards 2017 Nominee

By: | April 06 , 2020

Renson’s Healthbox 3.0 ventilation unit with its ‘My Healthy Ventilation’-app is one of the nominees for the UX Design Awards 2017. The Renson Healthbox 3.0 is an intelligent and fully autonomous ventilation eco-system. It consists out of a compact, silent yet very powerful ventilation unit with built-in sensors and a mobile application acting as the principal user interface. The user doesn’t need to actively control the ventilation system. However the user app increases awareness of the necessity to ventilate and the positive impact on one’s health by translating an abstract and real-time dataset into an intuitive interface through colour, artificial intelligent text and dynamic tips & tricks. It shows the actual indoor air quality of the p e r s o n a l i z e d rooms and the current ventilation status.

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From innovative products and services to future-oriented concept studies, the nominated solutions utilize state-of-the-art hologram technologies, artificial intelligence, speech recognition, 360° optics or organic 3D printing technologies for intuitive applications in a wide range of sectors. With the specific focus of the award, the International Design Center Berlin (IDZ) seeks to underline the tremendous importance of intuitive humantechnology interfaces in all areas of life. The limited number of nominations exemplifies the high standards of the competition.

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