Sapa & Renson at Interieur 2016, Presents New Products

By: | April 07 , 2020

‘Minimalism’ and ‘design’; these are two terms that apply perfectly to both the new Artline sliding windows from Sapa and the Panovista Max corner sun protection fabric from Renson. Both the products were presented as a total solution at Interieur 2016. The Biennale Interieur, known for its uncompromising international selection of contemporary design, has been a strong force in the field of design events since it took place for the first time in 1968.

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Renson Panovista Max, a new type of fabric sun protection, is ideal for XL glass-on-glass corner windows and on sliding glass corner windows up to 6m width and 3,4m height at both sides, with a maximum surface of 30 sq m.With Panovista Max, no unattractive aluminium profiles or cables are visible at the corner. Patented technology ensures that both sides of the system are rolled up simultaneously and thus provide the desired


sun protection without sacrificing visibility to the outside. A zip connects both sides of fabric at the corner when letting the screen down. That’s how Panovista Max reaches the highest degree of wind resistance ‘3’ available: DIN-EN 1356.

Artline XL by Sapa elegantly brings the outside inside. Sapa Building System’s design slider is genuine art with a purpose. The nearly invisible frame width allows building interiors to be flooded with light. Artline XL combines elegant, slender and minimalistic design with cutting-edge technology, ensuring better insulation, security, durability and transparency. Glazed panels to the ceiling can be easily manoeuvred. It is the perfect profile for large glazed panels up to 3.5 m high and a maximum weight of 500 kg for each panel. Artline XL bridges the gap between quality and a maximum light ingress, between creative design and comfort and between functionality and aesthetics.

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