Soft Flooring market expansion of Belgotex

By: | September 05 , 2022
Soft Flooring market expansion of Belgotex

The recent demand for soft flooring and awareness of the same has led Belgotex International Group, a manufacturer of soft flooring established worldwide, to bring its products to India and contribute to the growing sector. Some of the parts where it is already an established brand include South Africa, Europe, South America and Australia.

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They are expected to launch their operations in Bengaluru, followed by Delhi NCR, Mumbai and then more regions in the southern part of the country. Since most of the corporate offices are based in Bengaluru, the company decided to kick start their venture from the same.

Belgotex DNA has been able to establish themselves in the market owing to their Technological Innovation. Pankaj Talreja, Country Manager, Belgotex, in addition to this, also said that India is one of fastest growing economies in the world and the kind of infrastructural development they are witnessing, being an international player in flooring industry, size of the market and its potential makes it viable and sensible for them to be here. Apart from that, investing in India represents their ongoing pursuit of expansion and is a testimony of their strength as one of the leading manufacturers globally.

Belgotex has also been a leading collaborator with leading architects and workspace engineers and have ability to create solutions tailored specifically which speak to a singular project. According to the brand, their close collaboration of R&D teams and the factory ensures that their manufacturing capability brings ideas to fruition. They believe in the unlimited possibilities of customization. Due to this, Belgotex remains a top competitor with the latest products, manufacturing techniques, machinery and international trends or fashions.

Their work ethic is driven by sustainable and eco-logically friendly production practices so as to be able to chart a ‘green journey’. This has been one of the major influences for any of their products being used in varied projects. The boost in commercial and residential constructions and renovations was the reason behind their decision to expand in India.

Belgotex Group has significant market shares in France, Africa and Brazil, and has been offering various soft floor coverings graded for specific market segments for over 30 years now.

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