Special Windows from Fenesta for this Monsoon

By: | April 07 , 2020

To protect the buildings from torrential downpours and high velocity winds this monsoons, Fenesta has launched two significant innovative products: A ‘Hurricane Bar’ that withstands 245 kmph winds and a ‘Rain Track’ that prevents the ingress of rainwater. The force of rain and winds are magnified in high-rise buildings where rain spears in at a 45º angle. These conditions make heavy demands on windows. The unique monsoon-proof features of these products are a vast improvement on the drainage mechanism in conventional UPVC windows. The drainage mechanism in ordinary windows is inadequate for heavy monsoons as the force of the wind pushes the rain water inside.

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Fenesta has engineered three innovations to keep the rain out:

  • Rain track: It is an elevated section clipped on the inside track of the window to function like a dam. It captures rain water and drains it out.
  • Sill arrangement: The special system prevents air pressure from pushing the rain water inside a room. Instead, the rain water flows down vertically at some distance from the wall
  • Gradient slope: A track at a downward slope of 5 degrees ensures accumulated rain water flows out.



Lift and Slide doors are giant sliders, rising from the floor to the ceiling, spanning balconies on the 40th floor for a sweeping view of the horizon with strength to overcome the high velocity winds. Two unique features set this door solution apart. The first is the ‘lift and slide’ mechanism that allows the door to be opened or shut with utmost ease. The panels glide back and forth effortlessly. The second is the solitary member across its span, a design that makes possible an uninterrupted view through a large face. While the doors can stretch from the floor to the ceiling, the opening is 50 per cent of its span. When closed, the sealing is superior to that of conventional sliders.

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A green building must fulfil two basic criteria. It must be built with energy efficient materials and it must make efficient use of energy. Fenesta fulfils both these criteria. The thermal insulation properties of UPVC are far superior to conventional windows. Insulation in Fenesta windows is further improved by the use of sealants between the wall and frame, double or even triples glazing and fusion welded joints that leave no gaps. Thus Fenesta products are most suitable for true green buildings.

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