What are the benefits of silicone based adhesives and sealants?

By: | April 07 , 2020

The benefits of silicone based adhesives and sealants are –

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  1. Flexibility

    • Silicon based adhesives can move with expansion and contraction over a wide range of temperatures. In construction the materials stay affixed and absorbs stress and movement helping the structures to stay strong and safe. It finds its use in swimming pools, expansion joints, structural glazing, wooden floors etc.
  2. Resistance to Extreme Temperatures

    • Silicone can resist high temperature and perform for much longer periods than other adhesives because of their chemical nature. It retains its mechanical properties over a long term and does not become brittle.
  3. Water and Chemical Resistance

    • Silicone blocks the passage of water or other liquids and does not degrade with humidity. They are also resistant to aqueous solutions, dilute acids, bases and solvents. They may swell in certain organic solvents but their structure does not break down.
  4. Durability

    • They stay in good condition for long periods of time ensuring durability, enhancing safety and low maintenance costs.
  5. Good Thermal and Electrical Conductivity

    • Silicone is a good conductor of thermal and electrical conductivity. It finds its use in electrical and medical equipment.
  6. Transparency

    • Silicone may be opaque, coloured or transparent. The visual flexibility is a major advantage for aesthetics and finds wide use.

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