What are the best ideas for choosing the Right Wall Cladding?

By: | April 01 , 2022

It is very important to choose the right Wall Cladding for Residential and Commercial Space. It helps in improving the aesthetics of the building by creating unique and interesting facades.

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The current trends for wall cladding in the exteriors are to combine two or more cladding materials with different colors to create a unique contemporary look.

Using more than one cladding material on the outside of the building helps to break large expanses of wall surface and helps to define different areas of the building.

The best external wall claddings are highly resistant to wind, water, good in insulation, fire retardant and have high durability.  They should also be inexpensive, easy to install, and have low maintenance.

For the Interiors Wall cladding in the form of tiles is mainly used in the toilets and kitchens in different combinations. Wood and Stone are mostly used in Lobby areas and gardens to create a warm and aesthetic look and to highlight certain features.

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