What is a Gasket Sealant?

By: | March 25 , 2020

Gasket sealants are sealants that are used to prevent leakage of fluids or gases by forming impervious barriers. They cure in the presence of metal and the absence of air to form a durable seal between two components .It is basically any type of adhesive spray, glue, or paste that holds the mechanical joint known as a gasket in place. Its main goals are to prevent fluid leakages and reduce the chance of mechanical breakdown as parts rub against each other. Many of the sealants available have the characteristics of waterproofing and weather proofing, which can serve an additional purpose of preventing outside elements from getting in.

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Gasket sealant usually comes in a tube and has a paste-like consistency when applied. It is frequently used for automotive repair. A head gasket is used to seal the engine block and cylinder head in an automobile engine. .

These sealants also eliminate corrosion and provide an instant, low-pressure seal on an assembly after full cure. Gasket sealants will not shrink, crack or relax, and resist displacement better than conventional gaskets.

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