What is Low-e Glass?

By November 01 , 2019

Low-Emissivity Glass is a highly reflective glass which emits very low levels of radiant thermal and heat energy. It is also known as thermal insulating glass. During glass manufacture low-e coatings are used so that a very minimum amount of ultraviolet and infra-red light can pass through the glass without compromising on the natural light penetration into the interiors. In this product glass is coated with an ultrathin layer of metal and the coating is applied to the inner surface of the glass. The metallic coating acts as a reflector of heat.

The advantages of low-e glass are

  • Low-e Glass reflects heat back to the original source thus keeping the interiors warm in winter and cooler in summer.
  • It protects the interiors from UV light and prevents the fading of any types of sofa fabrics, curtains or furniture.
  • The Glass improves the energy efficiency of the house and helps in the cost effectiveness of electricity bills.
  • Low-e Glass is considered to be better than single glazing glass or double glazing glass.

Low-e Glass widely finds its applications in curtain wall glazing, commercial and residential windows.

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