What is Low-e Glass?

By: | April 30 , 2020

Most people wonder what is Low-e Glass. When it comes to making your windows energy-efficient, the glass type is an important aspect to consider. With the low-E glass, enhancing the performance of your window and preventing energy loss becomes easy. The low emissivity feature of such glasses helps in reducing the amount of infrared as well as ultraviolet light that enters your home through the glass.

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With a microscopically thin and transparent coating, the low-E glass can reflect heat easily. It helps in maintaining a consistent temperature in your home.

Benefits of Low-E Glass

The low-E glass comes with a number of benefits for the homeowners. Some of the significant benefits of the low-E glasses include:

  1. Improves Energy Efficiency

    While there is a rapid increase in the utility bills of the majority of households, people look for energy-efficient solutions to lower the costs. When you are looking for energy efficiency, low-E glass is a reliable choice. It helps in reducing the heat loss during the winter seasons, thereby reducing your dependency on the electrical heating systems. Similarly, the low-E glass also helps in preventing heat gain in the hot summers, thereby reducing stress on your air conditioners. By lowering the use of the electrical appliance and maintain a stable temperature, low-E glass helps in saving big on your utility bills.

  2. Reduces Condensation

    Condensation on the glasses of the windows is a common problem that people face during the heating seasons. As the cold glass of windows comes in contact with the warm air, moisture is formed on the surface of the glass. But by equipping your window with the low-E glass, you can reduce or even completely eliminate the condensation effect.

  3. Improves the Durability of Window

    When you want to enhance the durability of your windows, you will have to know what is low-E glass. The low-E glass contains a thin protective coating. The transparent layer of the glass helps in providing protection against dust, sand, and other abrasive materials. By enabling the windows to stay clear, it increases its longevity. Moreover, the coating also does not allow the water particles to stick to the surface of the glass. This makes maintenance easy and ensures more durability of the windows.

  4. Protects Furnishings from UV Damage

    One of the main benefits of using the low-E glass for your windows is that it blocks the UV light. When UV light enters through the windows, it can penetrate through the fabrics of your sofa or other furnishings and leads to fading of its color. Apart from the deterioration of the fabrics, it can also cause costly damage to your furnishings. But by blocking the UV light from entering, the low-E glass helps in protecting all your furnishings from damage. It ensures that your interior remains bright all the time.

Using the low-E glass proves to be a cost-effective solution from various aspects. After knowing what is low-E glass and its various benefits, installing them at your home proves to be a smart decision.

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