What is Reflective Glass?

By: | April 07 , 2020

Glass which is treated with a metallic mirror coating is known as Reflective glass. It is widely used in the Modern buildings. It does not act as a mirror but acts a reflector. The characteristics of reflective glass are –

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    • They give a very smart and hi tech looks to the buildings. The reflective finish incorporates images of the moving sky which makes it a very dynamic faced which changes its looks throughout the day.
    • The metallic coating reflects heat and reduces glare. This makes the building energy efficient and helps in reducing the air conditioning and lighting costs.
    • The Reflective glass ensures privacy and one cannot see inside the building during the day. However if the building is illuminated from inside during the night, one can see everything beyond the glass.
    • Reflective glass floods the interiors with natural light thus creating a very good working environment for its occupants.
    • It helps in filtering the UV rays from the sunlight. This helps in preventing the upholstery and other fabrics from fading.
    • Reflective glass are available in various options of colours and tints which make it a very interesting construction material for building design.


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