What is RTV Sealant?

By: | September 09 , 2021

One type of single-product silicone sealant is called Room Temperature Vulcanizing (RTV). This form of sealant starts to cure as soon as it is exposed to the air or more precisely when it comes in contact with the moisture in the air. Therefore, it is necessary that one works quickly when using RTV silicone.

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RTV silicones find various industrial applications like aviation, aerospace, consumer electronics, and microelectronics.

These silicones exhibit the following properties –

  • Chemical resistance
  • Water resistance; very resistant to liquid, water and soaps
  • Extreme temperature stability
  • Can provide flame resistance
  • Very good adhesion to glass, organic fibres, metal
  • Good tear strength
  • For bonding, sealing, adhering and seam sealing
  • Ability to withstand mechanical and thermal stress.

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