Why do architects prefer silicone sealants for exterior application?

By: | November 04 , 2019

Architects recommend Silicone sealants are the most preferred sealants for external application because they have the following properties

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  1. Silicone sealants are inorganic in nature and highly resistant to UV radiation. They do not degrade in sunlight.
  2. They are composed of solvents that fix tightly to glass, metal and tiles but not wood. They adhere to non-porous substrates better than any other sealant.
  3. They can be applied at any temperature and can face adverse weather conditions shortly after application.
  4. They form a tough and flexible rubber which is durable and remains flexible for years. This kind of flexibility is important to allow for the movement of different building materials when exposed to external weather conditions.
  5. They are most appropriate for using in construction joints. There could be two kinds of construction joints namely working and non-working joints. The difference between these two joints is the degree of movement. Working joints are designed to take care of movement due to thermal expansion and contraction of the construction materials. This includes expansion joint between ‘two vertical masonry’ and mixed joints between ‘two kinds of substrates’ like joint between masonry and metal.
  6. They are available in various colour options.

Hence when sustainability is a design criterion for exposed sealant joints are the most preferred and   they should be Neutral cure silicone sealants for long term durability.

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