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We would like to introduce our self as Prime Interior. Prime Interior is Pioneer in manufacture of Retail Racks and fixtures for various industries like Lifestyle, Electronics, Grocery, Supermarket & Hypermarket, and Industrial Components like Blower Canopy, Acoustic Hood, Belt Guard, Fabricated Sheet Metal Components. Our focus is to provide end to end solutions to our valuable customers with the confidence that our products and services stands out in terms of feature, specifications, design and support . We can bring in its expertise in setting up various store formats by designing, providing innovative, cost effective and value added solutions which we are sure would surpass your expectations and we have the largest number of patents for our Shelving systems.


The company has a competitive advantage in the manufacturing process by virtue of a huge manufacturing set up which employs over 50 people spread across an area of 30000 Sq feet.

    With its precision in conceptualization and specialization in design & delivery, the success Prime Interior can be attributed to the skills and determination of a dynamic team of designers and engineers.


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